New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year!, we hear everywhere we go. It‘s like the world simply can‘t wait to start something new, to leave the past behind. And with this in mind, I‘m starting this new blog.

I‘ve already mentioned the fact that it is actually quite a pointless project. So far there is one person following the blog and it seems rather stupid filling my best friend in with random thoughts that I could just tell her face to face when I see her tonight. But then again, it‘s New Year‘s Eve and as John Green put it ever so delicately: „Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia.“ And he‘s right, because when do we ever imagine the future if not on New Year‘s Eve? When if not today would we make a list of things that we want to do better in the future?

So, I believe it is not too far fetched to hope that some people will actually read my posts and make this entire blog a little less pointless. But as it is with most things, you have to get started to achieve anything at all. And I‘m not saying this to sound corny, but because it is nerve wrecking to publish this first post. Especially knowing that no one is going to see it. It is degrading, really, to know that you‘re just doing this for yourself and your best friend who only reads it because she loves you and doesn‘t want to hurt your feelings. And still, that‘s just the way things work. Harry Potter has a first page and so does everything we admire today. It‘s a big leap, but it‘s the end of the year and we all need the hope of something good that we can look forward to in the days to come.

So, there‘s two things on my New Year‘s Resolutions List. The first one obviously, to give this completely pointless blog some point, the second one, don‘t puke on January the first! It seems like yesterday that I hung over that bloody toilet for the better part of the night (though, somehow it still seems quite memorable in my mind)!

That being said, I‘m very excited about 2014. I‘m going to be totally culture shocked in two weeks when I arrive in  Honduras, we‘re celebrating my niece‘s first birthday in July, I have a new play to work on, uni starting in September — it‘s just another year that‘s going to pass without my noticing. So, whoever reads this, have a great start into this brandnew year! I hope it‘s as eventful as mine, and now that I‘ve published this despite all my instincts going „DON‘TDON‘TDON‘TDON‘T!“ you can relax and start anything you want to, because someone has already started the year off by embarrassing themselves! Cheers!

Some pointless fireworks over London that I really enjoyed!
Some pointless fireworks over London that I really enjoyed!

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