Finding The Matching Sock

So much of our time is dedicated to our socks. True, we spend many hours a week trying to gather the rest of our outfit, but never is finding the right T-shirt quite as frustrating as finding the matching sock. And ever so often do we end up wearing different ones until none of them match any more, because as we all know, socks just happen to disappear and we will never be able to solve this one mystery as to where all those single socks go. Personally, I imagine it a bit like in Despicable Me 2 when all the Minions get abducted and brought to a beach where they have huge parties. So, if you are missing a sock, it is probably at a party!

Still, we don‘t mind wearing unmatching socks in our every day lives. It starts being unsettling however, once we have to pack for a holiday. On monday I‘m leaving Switzerland to go to Honduras for six months and the socks just have to match! Seriously, I can‘t be the only one out there! The thing with socks is that we „humanize“ them. Going away always means saying good-bye and it always hurts. I‘ve been dreading monday, January 13th, for a while now, because having to go and leaving behind the people that have been my life for the past couple of years scares me profoundly. So, I don‘t want to separate my socks, too. They need to match, because one single sock will feel so sad and lonely in this dark wardrobe! And same goes for people. Family, and friends that have become family are the matching socks. Leaving them behind is heartbreaking, yet sometimes unavoidable. Those people go so perfectly well with the colour of our soul that we worry we might never find another matching sock out there in the big wide world.

I have a thing for pretty socks and I do my share of worrying, but here is something that I‘ve learned on my past travels: Socks only have one match, they will never find another one. But then again, a sock is a sock is a sock. But humans have more than one match. We have friends and family and lovers and they certainly don‘t stay in the drawer of our wardrobe. Those people are everywhere and they are easy to spot. All we have to do is let them know that we are single socks looking for a match. Because, frankly, that‘s what we all are!

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