Day 27 — The One Where I Step Into A Soap Bubble

My honduran life has transformed into a „world full of colours and magic“ – or as the advert for my project puts it, „un mundo lleno de color y magia“! So yeah, I finished my second week at work and it actually competes with working at the book store. I loved working at the book store to say the least! But Chiminike comes pretty close. It‘s an interactive children‘s museum where I work as a „Guía Educativo“ – an „Educational Guide“. The challenging part for me is of course mainly the language, but apart from that there is so much to learn. There are eight rooms, each one dedicated to a specific topic such as the human body, the environment or Honduran history. Ever explained the digestive system in Spanish? Well, it‘s about as easy as it sounds. And then there‘s the songs and warm-up games they do with the children. I hardly know two in German, but those guys know about thirty!

Games with the guides
Games with the guides

But this being said, I have great support from the other guides. They try to teach me everything during the breaks, they make conversation with me even though my Spanish is still quite basic and they are generally just as warm and welcoming as can be. What‘s a real success for me is the fact that during my first week I came home exhausted every day. The fact that nobody speaks English and that I had to concentrate hard to follow the conversations really wore me out. But now it‘s getting better; I don‘t have to listen that hard anymore and I feel like a bigger part of the team now.

One of my absolute highlights at the project is how you can step into a real soap bubble – or rather have a soap bubble built around you. The world looks so much nicer from in there!

The only real problem I have with the project is the public transportation. Until the end of next week I still need to go to my language classes in the afternoon, but of course there is no bus. The first time no one picked me up last week I ended up taking a taxi which is an adventure in itself. Not because of the way they drive (which I‘m not even going to talk about!) but because there‘s no adresses like we have them at home. I knew the name of the area I had to go to but because there are no street names it took us a while to find the right place. But what‘s interesting is that the taxi driver then gives you his phone number so you can call him again when you need him. The second time I needed a taxi he knew instantly where I had to go!

My Chiminike family
My Chiminike family

Honduras is such a fascinating place. In many ways it is stuck in the past century, especially when it comes to gender roles. Basically, girls are not allowed to date unless they are going to marry the guy, but it is highly approved if a guy has girlfriends. Or something else that really got me thinking was when I went to a bar with my host brother. They wouldn‘t let him in because he‘s not yet twenty-five. I, on the other hand, was instantly admitted due to the fact that I‘m a girl.

And then there‘s the typical girl problem that comes up each month – there are pretty much no tampons to be found on the shelves. The reason for this is that women tend to be afraid of losing their virginity to an O.B.

One of the brighter things is the party culture. I‘m used to parties starting after ten pm – here they start at seven or earlier even. And of course there is dancing. I‘m a terrible dancer, but even if it‘s true the hondurans don‘t buy it. You‘re in Honduras, therefore you will dance and you will like it. It‘s the rules. Basically, saying no doesn‘t really mean no in Honduras. It rather means, ask me again!

So, that‘s my life for you. I‘ve been in a soap bubble (still not over the awesomeness of it), I have my personal taxi driver and I‘ve learnt how to dance (not)! That seems pretty full of colours and magic!

Check out the advert for Chiminike:

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