Day WTF — How Exciting!

A few things I get genuinly excited about: chocolate, books, Harry Potter, Nutella, cereals, Benedict Cumberbatch, pink unicorns… And here‘s what everyone else gets excited about: the FIFA world cup, football, the world cup…!
To say that football means a lot to Hondurans would be a slight understatement – it‘s religion! So, in fairness, I do enjoy watching the games, I do get myself all worked up about Switzerland, and I even take it as far as paintin my nails in the national colours. That‘s quite something, considering that until last year I believed that Lionel Messi was a Swiss player (i.e. he‘s not)!DSC05049 Here we go, those past months have definitely changed me. And how could they not, coming from Europe, Honduras is not just a different country, it‘s a different world! I have been eating beans every day for over five months now without ever feeling sick of them, I have been straightening my hair every morning in order to look a little less Swiss when I‘m with my Honduran friends, I have not been out by myself after six o‘clock at night once… those are small things compared to the big problems Honduras is facing, but they are the ones you have to get used to the most. And now I only have two weeks left. Two weeks. I can‘t wrap my head around this. Two weeks. That‘s one week, two weeks – and BAM! Six months over, just like that. What stresses me the most is not even that I have to leave behind so many friends or that I haven‘t been travelling more. I know I‘m coming back and I know that the friends I‘ve found here will not disappear out of my life. But what really gets to me is that this life, this routine of getting up, going to work, getting home… this I will never have again. How can everyday life end like that? Even if I come back, I will never put on my orange shirt again.

Environmental workshop at Tegucigalpa’s American School

I suppose what happened is that I got on the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Now, this is a theory I‘ve recently developed. I know this is my second Doctor Who referenced blog entry in a row, but since it has been close to three months since my last entry I think it‘s okay (oh, why has it been so long? Basically, I was too busy doing the things worth writing about). Let me explain. Doctor Who is a british television series about a guy that travels in time and space in his ship called the T.A.R.D.I.S. (you can find a brilliant summary on the show here). In the first episode he firmly states,

„You could stay here, fill your life with work and food and sleep or you could go… anywhere.“

Honduran wedding
Honduran wedding

Naturally, everyone who watches it would ask themselves wheather or not they would get on the T.A.R.D.I.S. to see the universe. And I remember thinking to myself then that as much as I loved Doctor Who, if he actually were to stand in my front door, inviting me to his silly blue police box, I‘d decline. It‘s a good life I have here and I feel no need to escape from it at all.

But now that I‘m here, becoming all Honduran, I realise that I might have done just that. I got on the T.A.R.D.I.S. Not in the literal sense of course, but I did leave home, even though I felt happy and comfortable and actually kind of really wanted to stay. There was a blue eyed boy I liked, I had a good job at the book store and I really enjoyed watching my niece grow. I left anyway and now that I‘m here I wonder, how can I ever go back the life I‘ve had? I‘m in this completely new universe, how am I supposed to leave it behind and go back to a life that‘s not fully mine anymore?

On a lighter note, today is an exciting day. It‘s The Fault In Our Stars day! The day I‘m watching the movie to my favourite book! It may seem a little sad that I‘m living in one of the world‘s poorest countries and yet, all I have to say is how excited I am about some movie. I‘m not that shallow, I promise. Some time soon I‘m going to make all of you cry with stories about children that live on the street and what have you. But I think it‘s okay to care about other things too. John Green says,

„Sometimes in our hyper-cynical world, we forget that it‘s okay to get enthusiastic about things.“DSC05951

I get really upset about the things that happen here, so I guess it‘s good to have a bit of normal life in all this mess. Not to mention that I get excited very easily. I‘m a bit like a child in that aspect. The best example is probably a conversation with my friend I had last week where she said to me, „I have this craving for some good wine right now, you know?“ Me: „Yes, I understand. I feel the same about Nutella right now!“ Then there‘s the lunch break where my friend reads Harry Potter in Spanish to me, thus annoying everybody else. Or the lunch itself. I‘m never going to stop eating Baleadas from now on. There‘s going out to dance – even though I‘m dancing about as well as Keanu Reeves after a stroke!

Watching the game

Maybe in the end the things we do don‘t matter so much as who we do them with. And I guess my point is that I rather watch a football game with my friends than eat a whole jar of Nutella by myself sitting on a pink unicorn‘s back (now, that‘s hard to admit)!


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