Watsky Spat In My Eye!

20141002_192208About a week ago my brother took me to George Watsky‘s live show in Zürich. To my shame I have to admit that even though I spend an embarrassing amount of time on Youtube, I did not know anything about Watsky. And to be really honest, when Toby made me listen to it (Watsky‘s music; I know Watsky is not a thing! Well… I think he‘s not a thing!) on the train to the concert I didn‘t even like what I heard that much.
I really liked his fans though. Mainly because they were underage nerds who looked like they hadn‘t been out of their caves in a looong time! But jokes aside, nerds are cool. They get excited about stuff and they have their own candy. Also, they are usually super nice people.

The show started off with a supporting act called The LaFontaines, a scottisch band that played for an hour. I didn‘t know them either, but they had such a lovely scottish accent that I probably wouldn‘t have minded listening to them for the rest of the concert. Especially because the bass player tended to turn around and bend over a lot. What a sweet bum he had!

The LaFontaines
The LaFontaines

They rocked! Not what I can say about the second supporting act, Jackson Paak. I didn‘t understand who he was and what he was doing on stage after such a great warm-up. Not that he deliberately sucked, he really wasn‘t bad. I‘d say he just needs his own concerts rather than just being the guy who fills in the gap if Watsky isn‘t ready to perform yet.

Oh, Watsky. There is always this moment at every concert when the singer enters the stage. Before that you stand around, trying not to feel your legs so much, it‘s sweaty, it‘s kind of exciting and it kind of stinks. But then this one person appears and it‘s like the room is a very different one. And Watsky, oh, he owned the stage in no time at all. They love him. His fans simply love him, there is no other way to describe it.
Yeah, Watsky is loveable I suppose. I mean he‘s skinny and geeky and I just wanted to ruffle his hair all night long. Some great hair that boy has!

Anyway, he was amazing apart from his looks! Now, I don‘t usually like rap music, but the reason why I did enjoy Watsky is that what he does simply can‘t be described as rap or hip hop. In fact, it‘s fantastic literature read in a funny way. Seriously, have a look at this:

And the time I spent, I can finally look up and see blue and a manatee. I love manatees. I no longer have the fear of facing life. That doesn’t make me jesus, because I can’t turn water into wine. I’m better than Jesus. I can turn water into kool aid. Stop nodding away, don’t fall asleep yet. Contrary to popular belief, that’s not where dreams get accomplished...” 

This is just… WOW!

There was this minor throwback when Watsky spat in my eye and another one where he tried stage diving and rubbed off his sweat on my hands. I know I shouldn‘t be grossed out since I‘m the one who constantly talks about poo, but then again, I don‘t actually enjoy foreign body liquids on me! And around the same time some crazy chick kept bumping into me to get my spot (it was the best!); she must have suddenly become super eager to take out her breasts or something, because she kept getting more and more violent. Why would people do this? God, just try and be on time – that‘s how you get a place to stand!
Maybe I shouldn‘t talk. We met The LaFontaines later on and I managed to spill their beer all over their CDs and thus didn‘t ask them how much they liked Peter Capaldi and his also Scottish accent. I did buy a CD. I am nice! Maybe it‘s a good thing we didn‘t wait for Watsky himself. He and I did get pretty far after all – usually if I want a guy‘s spit on my face I have to go down a different road!

So, yup! Watsky is the shit. So am I. So are you. And I‘m just babbling on!

Have a great week everyone and take care!


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