Sexy Books: Sinner

Currently reading: Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater. I am in love, quite literally, with Maggie Stiefvater’s work. I couldn’t face going to Honduras without taking one of her books with me for comfort and everytime I find out a new one comes out I actually jump with delight. I’m not exaggerating here! Sinner is a spin-off from her Wolves of Mercyfall trilogy and tells the story of the cured werewolve / rockstar (not so cured there), Cole St. Clair, who wants just the one thing: Isabel. Isabel herself lives by one rule: Don’t give a damn. Because it’s easy to not care in a world as superficial as Los Angeles where everything is looks. But it’s not so easy once you realise that you yourself are more than legs and boobs and leggings.
It’s not a story where a whole lot happens, it’s a story that kind of happens on the inside of people. Two people you very much don’t like, but then you have to love them, because they are so real in a  world that is terribly false. It’s werewolve poetry, that’s what I’ll call it!

“It was the first time I’d really realized I’d lost my soul and that the beauty of not having a soul was that you couldn’t seem to care that you no longer had one.”

Anyway, I love the book so far! It’s well written, it’s deep, it’s sort of cute, it’s keeping me up at night and in bed in the morning, it’s really all I could wish for! If any of you have read Sinner, then please share your thoughts, I really want to know how others liked it!



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