Are Male Ballet Dancers Gay?

I literally just typed this question into Google. At 11:37pm, because, what the heck, I had to know! I‘ve just come back from a ballet show, hence this somewhat random question.
I went to see Swansea and it was so, so lovely! I was actually very pleasantly surprised – I‘d assumed it would be boring and tiring, but I found myself genuinly entertained throughout the entire evening. Although the fact that my friend and me couldn‘t keep our eyes off the guys‘ thighs did contribute to that!

Now, I am not actually prejudiced about men in the dancing business. I‘ve never given it much thought until I saw them tiptoeing around wearing tights and doing pirouettes. And since my brain can‘t ever not think, I had a constant stream of thoughts running through my head going, „wow, his thighs are really muscly – oh, cute butt! – wow, those thighs – does he walk this gracefully in real life? – he can spin around forever! – oh my, that butt is something – are they all gay? – oooh, thighs! – I bet they‘re gay – yep, definitely like that butt in those tights – must be gay! – thighsthighsthighs!“ Yes, I‘m shallow!
But now I‘ve done my research and from what I‘ve gathered I know now that by far not every ballet dancer is gay. Apparently it has become quite a popular sport, because it is seen as a demanding physical activity – which, looking at those thighs, it is!


Of course this shouldn‘t even have to be a real question. When we see a girl kickboxing, we don‘t automatically assume that she‘s gay either. And I mean apart from that, don‘t we just want a good show? We don‘t question whether those people on the stage are racist or whether they‘ve ever abused a woman or whether they are satanists – because those things don‘t matter to us as long as we don‘t know about them. We just care about being entertained.
In the end, somebody had to play the prince, so if all male ballet dancers were gay, we should be super thankful to them for putting on those leggings and taking the part – because then no straight guy ever would have and I wouldn‘t have had such a splendid evening!

Everybody knows I suck sh** at dancing, but even if it‘s not for me I love the idea of it. And yes, I believe that in our culture it is difficult for a man dance – especially when it comes to ballet – and not to be stereotyped, but that shouldn‘t be a reason for anyone not to do what they love. And also, to all the dancers out there, male or female, straight or gay – I‘m sorry for even asking that question! It‘s not important and you‘re wonderful!

I hope everybody has a nice week, and if you go to a ballet then please tell me how you liked it and if you think that guys in tights are hot! 😉


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