Blogmas: Why Disney Is The Ruin Of Me

I recently rewatched The Beauty and the Beast and I cried so much! I had completely forgotten how much I used to love that movie!
Funnily enough my friend had gone to London that weekend and brought me back a plush Belle! I don‘t know how to emphasize my excitement!
And while I was taking selfies with the doll I started wondering if maybe that was a little weird. Then I thought that no one would ever have to know. And then I realized that everybody has to know, because, yes , it‘s a bit crazy for a twenty-two year old to do that, but it‘s also crazy for a president to order people to kill others in order to „maintain the peace.“
Consider this my contribution to world peace!

Foto 221

Foto 222

That‘s all for today, I just wanted to let you know that it‘s okay to get carried away with things that make you happy. Stay sexy!



One thought on “Blogmas: Why Disney Is The Ruin Of Me

  1. you’re not crazy at all! I remember getting Oskar as a toy version when I left NZ and I was so happy and cuddled him the whole flight home and took a photo of him looking out of the plane window 😀


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