Blogmas: MUGging IKEA

Nooo, today is almost over and I haven‘t posted anything, but I‘m so excited, because I went to IKEA yesterday! Anyone who has ever been to IKEA knows how much fun it is to look at all the cheap furniture and to throw all the unnecessary supplies for kitchen and bathroom into the basket because you might need it at some point!

I could not help myself!
I could not help myself!

I actually went because I needed something (and it wasn‘t a couch!). Christmas is moving closer and until yesterday I still didn‘t have a one single present ready. Now I have sixteen! I‘m going to crochet all my family members a mug cozy. They look adorable and come in handy when you drink a really hot beverage, they are cheap, yet personal, and they are very easy to make.



I‘m still going to get something else for my close relatives, too, but I always feel very lost at what to give to my grandparents or my uncle or my stepsiblings, and I‘m sure they‘ve grown tired of the annual sugar cookies! This year, at least, they are going to be surprised (unless they read my blog – then they are going to act surprised!).

If you have any great christmas gift ideas, please let me know! And if you like the idea of the mug cozies, here‘s the link of the tutorial I followed.


Have a good night (if you‘re from my side of the world) and dream of all the marshmallows a unicorn poops in a day!


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