Servus Salzburg!

As I already mentioned in my former posts, I spent New Year‘s in Austria. I had a lovely time there with my friend Inga and even though I got a terrible cold on New Year‘s Eve, I started well into the new year. If you start the new year feeling off it means that it can only get better!
So, I thought today I‘d share with you some of my favourite memories! I hope you enjoy this read, and if you go to Salzburg let me know how you liked it!



Salzburg is the place where they filmed The Sound of Music in the seventies, and even people like me, who haven‘t seen the movie, can‘t help but notice as every souvenir shop sells merchandise and every other bus is painted with the face of Julie Andrews.

Salzburg is also famous for its puppet theatre, another fact I knew nothing about.
And, guys – it‘s really fun! We went to see The Sound of Music which caused us both to sing in annoyingly high pitched voices for the rest of our stay!

Another great excursion was the trip to the salt mines in Hallein. I only feared for my life twice, the rest of the time I felt like one of the seven dwarves (I looked like one, too!). If I were a miner, I don‘t think I‘d survive for too long. I‘d probably keep singing „Hey Ho, Hey Ho, It‘s on to work we go…!“ until somebody pushed me into some hole. There‘s a mummy that was found of a miner from the seventeenth century. I‘m fairly certain that‘s what happened to him!
On the bright side, we got to drink champaign upon leaving and alcohol does put everything into perspective, doesn‘t it? (it doesn‘t? what!?)


The one thing we didn‘t do and that I really regret now was visit Salzburg‘s Christmas museum! It‘s an exhibition about Christmas! It‘s like they knew I was coming!
I should probably mention the fortress, too. Yeah, we didn‘t go there. I went a few years ago with my mum, and this time we were just so cold most of the time that we hung out in cafés and book shops instead.

If you plan on visiting Salzburg anytime soon, here‘s a couple of tips for you:

  • Eat a Brezen. They are delicious. Don‘t, however, try the Doughnut one, it‘s dry and boring. Try the Mozart Brezen!
  • We‘ve been to almost every café the city has to offer. The three best ones were

.Stadt Café
Have a Nutella waffle when you go there! They are AMAZING!!
Museumsplatz 5
5020 Salzburg

Café Habakuk
The BESTEST place to go and warm up! Delicious cake, too!
Linzergasse 26
5020 Salzburg

Café Pamina
They do one amazing hot chocolate! If you order tea and milk, try not to steal the tiny jug of milk because of its cuteness! (if I can resist, then you can too!)
Judengasse 17
5020 Salzburg

  • To get from café to café we had to get back on the street and checked out book shops. My favourite one was…

    Rupertus Buchhandlung
    Big surprise, I bought a book there. What can I say, the flesh is weak!
    Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 12
    5020 Salzburg

  • Salzburg has very poor wifi. Most of the time it doesn‘t work, even if you have perfect reception.
  • Just in case you were wondering where we stayed – the place was called Hotel Junior and it was really good. The staff is very friendly, the room was clean and there was SO MUCH breakfast (I LOVE breakfast!). It’s a thirty minute walk from the city center (though probably shorter when there’s no snow) or a ten minute bus ride from the train station.

Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 49
5020 Salzburg




I hope the new year has been treating you well so far and I‘m looking forward to talking to you soon!

Lots of love!


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