At The Norient Music Film Festival

„Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans,“ John Lennon once said. Well, my plans for this weekend mainly included watching Harry Potter and eating cereal. But instead I ended up visiting the Norient Music Film Festival in Bern, and it was amazing! I shouldn‘t sound so surprised, after all a good friend of mine organised it, but I had literally no idea what I was going to see.

The film that I liked the most was probably Jalanan, a documentary about street buskers in Jakarta. Their stories were so touching and real, and the music goes right under your skin; it shows Indonesia‘s capital in a way that makes you see all the corruption and the ugly bits and bobs, but at the same time there‘s so much character to it that I really want to go some day!


There‘s another film, though, that will probably stay with me even longer: Kidd Life. This is a documentary about the Danish hip-hop phenomenon Nicholas Westwood Kidd, known by his stage name KIDD. The film is such an authentic portrait of a boy who literally becomes famous over night, just by uploading a rude music video to YouTube. He‘s shown at his very worst, vomiting into a sink, freaking out about a positive pregnancy test or yelling at his fans; and you get to see him at his best which sadly still isn‘t very good.

But what made me like him is his genuineness. He doesn‘t believe in his own music. When asked he immediately admits that it takes him no longer than ten minutes to write a song and that the lyrics don‘t mean a thing. There is one scene where he‘s wondering out loud why people would be so stupid to listen to his music and how they would even find meaning in it.

It does make you question our society a little bit, doesn‘t it? And by that I don‘t mean that anyone who likes KIDD‘s music should stop listening to it. If people put meaning into his songs it means they can‘t be completely empty, even if the artist himself doesn‘t see that. But what makes me sad is that he‘s seen as a huge artist by so many people. It‘s like offering someone dog poop, saying, „Do you want some dog poop?“, and the other person buys it from you, all excited, and starts calling it art and insulting anyone who‘d point out its true nature! I mean, why do we even put up with real work, why should an artist like Passenger or John Lennon or anyone  put their soul into their writing when people call any sort of crap art?

I really think we should honor KIDD, though. Maybe not because of the greatness of his music, but because at least he‘s honest. I don‘t even mind his music being fake, because he doesn‘t talk it up. At all! It‘s not him I mind, it‘s the people who just don‘t see a poop when it‘s right in front of them.

The Norient Music Film Festival has showed me how very different people can be. Indifferent sometimes, but also wonderful; everyone’s just so different and yet there‘s something linking us all, something that talks to all of us. When it comes to music, I‘m just an average kind of person. I really like my iPod, but I spend a lot of train rides without it. And still I‘m touched by the music all those people I‘ve seen on the screen this weekend make!

Bild 12

And I remember telling myself I would not go out for once (have I told you about my Dead End experience yet?!) or drink (a decision made after the mentioned Dead End experience) or get home after midnight (after last week‘s Dead End experience I was done going out ever again) – yep, suddenly it was 2 am and I was dancing to Islam Chipsy, a Egyptian keyboarder. It was really fun, so in hindsight I‘m actually glad I didn‘t lock myself up with Harry Potter (now, that is a mental picture that can stay, though!). It‘s good to sometimes just say, „Why not!“

I hope that all of your weekends were fun or cozy or delicious or all of those things, I know that mine was!

Lots of love!

Here’s some more trailers if you’re interested. The films were all AMAZING!

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