How To Make Baleadas (and snowmen)

Hi everyone! I am currently on a ski holiday with my familiy – not to boast or anything, I don‘t ski anyway. To me winter breaks are all about staying inside, reading good books and watching Harry Potter. Which is pretty much all I‘ve been doing this whole week so far. Aside from building a snowman the night before I left, I haven‘t really been in contact with snow other than just watching it from the window. It‘s very lovely from that angle, I can assure you!


This morning, while still in the progress of properly waking up, some 432 WhatsApp messages popped up on my phone, all from this insane group chat I‘m in with a bunch of Hondurans. I tend to only scroll through the messages, look at the pictures and smile at the memory of them. One thing that I distinctly remember is eating Baleadas every day of the week. I would have been happy to eat only that for the rest of my life, but of course living in Switzerland means a greater variety of lunch options – Baleadas sadly not being one of them!

Just before the snowman inicident last friday I made them for my family and they were delighted. So seeing as I haven‘t been up to much more than eating anyway, I decided to share the recipe with you!


Flour Tortilla:
4 cups — flour
2 tsp — baking powder
2 pinches — salt
1-1.5 cups — water or milk (I use half and half)
6 tbsp — sunflower oil

2 cans — red beans (Kidney Beans)
1 cup — grated cheese
1/2 cup — sour cream
3-4 — eggs
2 — avocados

Mix together the flour, baking powder and salt. Stir in the water or milk to form a dough. Work in the oil until smooth. Add more liquid or flour as needed to form a smooth dough that isn’t too sticky.
Knead the dough until smooth, then roll 8 – 12 equal portions into balls. Leave them to rest for a little while.



While waiting for the dough to be ready, mash the beans and slice the avocado, putting it into a small bowl to serve.

Roll each ball out into roughly an 8-inch round, about 1/8-inch thick. Place a dough round into a frying pan and cook for about 1 minute on each side, or until the tortilla has browned spots and is lightly puffed. Set aside and repeat with the remaining dough rounds.


Heat up the mashed beans – I always buy canned beans, so it‘s enough to just put them in the microwave. However, I always fry them and add a bit of salt and spices, but it‘s all up to your liking. Crumble the eggs, then put them in a bowl to serve.

As for the cheese, I buy grated Gruyère cheese, but any cheese you like will go with the Baleada. Feta cheese probably comes closest to what they use in Honduras.

To eat, just put everything onto the tortilla (be careful not to overload it), fold it once and enjoy!

20150129_201744 20150129_202113

I think it‘s funny how we stress about dinner every single day when it‘s okay in other cultures to have the same meal over and over again without complaining about it even once. I put on a lot of weight while I was in Honduras, and while I agree that a healthy diet is very important, I also believe that eating what you love greatly distributes to your happiness.

Another thing that I learned is that even if you think mushrooms are the most disgusting thing the gods have invented, you can still eat them if it‘s your friend‘s 19th birthday and she made a vegetarian lasagne just for you that happens to have a LOT of mushrooms in it. In addition to that you might end up building a snowman at three in the morning which is the kind of weird thing that makes you feel so, SO lucky for whatever messed up friends life has given you.

10955609_10202985548274537_6372249695445870066_o 10835250_10202985548554544_8700372889160893105_o 1956663_10202985548194535_2928268932760539137_o

I hope you enjoy the Baleadas!

Lots of love!

Ps. My friend Jonathan made the Snowman photos and I think they’re really good considering he was unequipped, so look at his website too! 🙂

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