Sexy Books: The Mime Order

Just read: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon.
First of all, can we just appreciate how immensly talented Samantha Shannon is? Going through her bio, I can’t help but feel like I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing! Her first novel, The Bone Season, came out in 2013 and it has already been translated into 28 languages, is on various bestseller lists, was named “Book of the year” by a number of websites and magazines and film rights have already been sold. Oh, and she’s only a year older than me. This just left my mouth wide open for a day and a night. And another day. And another night.
I still haven’t been able to close it.


The Mime Order is AMAZING! I was not able to close it at all. Even during dinner I had to keep it next to me so I could touch it. I’m weird like that.
It’s the sequel to The Bone Season. After Paige has escaped the colony of Sheol I she gathers up her life as Jaxon Hall’s mollisher in the underground of London again, trying to figure out how to stop the Rephaim, a foreign species from the Netherworld, from taking over the human world.
Paige is a brilliant protagonist, very strong and cool, a revolutionary – but she’s also sort of lovable and has a soft spot for the people she loves. The entire story is so thrilling and full of adrenaline, making even the reader feel somewhat breatless after what Paige goes through. And oh, the love story! There’s not even much of one, but the few pages you do get it, it’s entrancing!

Just look at the way she writes, isn’t it beautiful? And yes, sorry if there’s minor spoilers in here!


Samantha Shannon, thank you so much for writing this absolutely brilliant piece of work! I’m still so awestruck, I just want everyone else to read it, too!

Lots of love!

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