The Best Day of my Life (A Hamburg Adventure)

Last weekend I had the incredible chance to visit my friend Inga in Hamburg. Until now I always thought Berlin was my favourite city everrr, but now I‘m actually torn between the two! I‘ve been to at least a dozen different book shops, tested like five cafés and started working off my bucket list. It felt so good to just ditch uni for a few days and just feel happy without worrying too much about homework or vacuuming or whether I should take the bicycle or the bus. One of my friends has this status on her WhatsApp account that says, How wild it was, to let it be. This is exactly what Hamburg felt like. To let so many things just be. I didn‘t go see The Lion King and I didn‘t even pass the famous Reeperbahn, I just didn‘t care about sightseeing at all, and it was great to have the luxury of being so free.

In Hamburg I learned one thing about city trips: they are the most fun if you follow the children‘s program! I seriously had the time of my life on saturday.



We started the day off by visiting the Miniature Wonderland. There are so many details and we just spent ages trying to discover them all. Well, right until we got to Scandinavia and Inga wanted coffee because she‘d seen that bit like a trillion times already. I could probably have spent the day there. So many tiny everyday life situations that suddenly seem so fascinating and, yes, a little disturbing. Like the tiny couple having sex in the corn field while tiny police officers are fishing a tiny corpse out of a river while in the background a tiny family is having a tiny garden party. I thought that this is actually very much like real life, because what are we if not tiny people going about our tiny lives? And how grand we feel while doing so!




After a well deserved coffee we headed to the Speicherstadt, a beautiful old part of the city. There we visited a museum called Chocoversum which, you guessed it, is all about chocolate! We got a really amazing tour, but what was even more amazing was the part where we could make our own chocolate. And that wasn‘t even the best bit of the day. After that we went to have cake and it was so delicious it made me want to cry. Every day that is so full of chocolate can not be bad, really not.

DSC07536 DSC07540

It was already late afternoon and I made Inga go to a Build-A-Bear-Workshop with me where you can create your own teddy bear. I‘m really proud of her to have stuck with me the entire time while I was dancing around the store, my arms raised, shouting „Love! Love! Love!“ with the shop assistant, so that my new toy would be a good friend. We had a  bit of a dispute when it came to choosing a name because I declined everything she offered until I finally settled for Poopsy (totally my idea… what can I say, I‘m not very creative under stress!).




When I look back on these days now I realise how little it mattered that the sky was grey for most of the time or that my train arrived late or that I at one point spilled tea all over me. Because all I really remember is that chocolatey day and the cookie cutter that I bought and how I planted a heart in a teddy bear and how wild it was to have a tea in Inga‘s kitchen, and to let it be.

Lots of Love!

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