20 Facts about Noemí

Those of you who have read my last post know that my life has not been very interesting lately. I’ve been very busy with uni and work and haven’t had any time to do something worth writing about. But I decided to tell you 20 facts about myself. I always love reading these on other people’s blogs and I’m very excited for you to get to know me a little bit better!

© by Jonathan Liechti

1.) I’m writing this post while sitting in class. It was either that or ditching uni altogether for today.

2.) When I was ten I had my entire wedding planned out. It included Lord of the Rings themed rings and a carriage pulled by unicorns. The groom was Harry Potter.

3.) My dad makes the world’s best pancakes.

4.) I would die for pancakes and Nutella.

5.) My real name is Noemi, but a lot of people seem to have trouble pronouncing that. Which is why I have a few interesting nick names. These include Noe, Nay, Mimi… and Bi***.

6.) On Pottermore I was sorted into Slytherin.

7.) I am very very clumsy. Ironically, I work as a waitress – last week I spilled coffee on three different people.

8.) Everytime one of my friends visits London they have to bring me back a Disney Princess doll.

9.) I love bows. It’s a trend that I picked up while living in Honduras.

10.) I am a vegetarian.

11.) I have a cat and a dog but they don’t get along. The cat spends the nights next to me on my pillow because he’s so scared.

12.) One of my biggest dreams is to write a book and have it published.

13.) If I could have dinner with anyone from the past it would be Sophie Scholl. I think she’d be a laugh.

14.) My dad is a huge fan of Terry Pratchett. This is why at Christmas my brother and I always wait for the Hogfather to come.

15.) If I don’t have to go out I change into a new set of pajamas in the morning.

16.) I know the lyrics to all Frozen songs in Spanish.

17.) Right after Bern my favourite city is Berlin.

18.) I have been to the Hobbiton movie set in Matamata three times.

19.) I would love to learn Dutch. For some time now I’ve had a bit of a weird obsession with the Netherlands.

20.) When I was eleven my mum almost bought me a pet teacup pig that I would’ve called Madame.

I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Lots of love!


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