Attending the Social Impact Award Ceremony

A week ago I had the chance to attend the Social Impact Award Ceremony in the Impact Hub office in Zürich. Impact Hub is a non-profit association that helps start-ups launching innovative and sustainable projects all around the world. Their idea is for young entrepreneurs to have the space and support they need when developping a venture.

At the Award Ceremony six projects were rewarded for their sheer amount of awesomeness. I was very impressed with the ideas people have come up with trying to make the world a better place. I‘m very excited to present those ideas to you on here!


5 Favours
5 Favours is the name of an app that is supposed to make you get in touch with your neighbours more. You have no more eggs but want to bake a cake? The lovely lady down your road might have some. Get in touch, know the people who live close to you, return favours!

Check out their Facebook Page right here!

Bad Box
Bad Box is one of my favourite projects. It‘s designed by Joshua Urieli, and is basically a box to poop in. Simple as that, but a genious idea as it will help sanitise toilets in third world countries and reduce the pollution of rivers. It is biologically degradable and the faecis inside of it is processed into fertiliser, fuel, etc.

Click here to meet Josh!

Challenge Accepted!
Challenge Accepted was my personal other favourite. We all know this famous line coming from Barney Stinson but instead of sleeping with strangers by using silly pick-up lines this app actually provides a way of creating a more sustainable life style. The challenges vary from you living vegan for a week over taking the bike to work each day for a month to donating money to a charity for a year – whatever is up your road!

Join Challenge Accepted on Facebook following this link!

Senior Media Collective
The two girls who founded Senior Media Collective may have encountered one of the biggest issue of our time: we don‘t care about our elders any more! When my mum suggested I visit my grandmother next week since I‘m going to be in the area anyway, I just went, „Nah!“ And I‘m sure I‘m not the only one. Old people have the most amazing stories to share, and Senior Media Collective is the name of a paper where those stories are printed.

Find out more about Senior Media Collective this way!

The Fair Traveller
Travelling is fun – alas, most hotels that pop up on TripAdvisor or Google are anything but sustainable or eco-friendly. Hotels that are usually lack the money to make themselves be seen in the same instant way. The Fair Traveller creates a platform for them to appear on!

You can read their wonderful blog right here!

The ceremony was very interesting and fun; each team was given two minutes to present their projects and then had to answer to the publics questions. There was also beer and snacks afterwards and the chance to meet each entrepreneur personally. My lovely friend Noemi (yep, we share our name) who works there got very busy networking her way around and I‘m now very impressed of the work she‘s doing!

Noemis united!
Noemis united!

There‘s so many things that can be done to make the world just a slightly better place and I really hope that these projects are going to succeed. Also, maybe someone has another idea and wants to try their luck? You can check out Impact Hub following this link, they are definitely worth a visit!

Lots of love!

Ps. I’m about to start a new project too! It’s called Bloggers Meet, I’m going to explain this further soon – the idea is that, as the name suggests, bloggers meet up with me face to face, have cake, and answer to some questions. Afterwards I’ll write about the experience! If you want to be part of this, feel free to contact me! It helps if you live in Switzerland or in one of the neighbouring countries, or even in the UK as I’m going to be spending all of August on the Island! Looking forward to meeting y’all!


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