Blogmas (Day 6) – Saint Nicholas Day

Hello Lovelies!

Today is one of my favourite days in advent – it‘s Saint Nicholas Day!
Something that I love so much about Christmas is the fact that every country celebrates it just slightly differently. In the U.S. Santa doesn‘t come until December 25th, in Eastern European Countries it‘s the 19th, and in Switzerland it‘s the 6th.


We celebrate this day very thoroughly and with an incredible lot of commission. It is accompanied by the baking of Gritibänze (or Stutenkerl in High German), a type of sweet leavened dough pastry that has the shape of a man. Just this morning I received a picture on Snapchat from my friends‘ flat breakfast – they‘d made penis shaped Gritibänze, but I mean that‘s fair enough, right?

My siblings and I went to my dad‘s house where he and his wive had prepared a wonderful afternoon treat/dinner (I feel really stuffed now!). It was the cosiest event, we had Christmas music playing and the fire was on and my niece was chasing the cat and just so many nice faces to look at. The pastries, of course, were a bit more conventional.

20151206_162829 20151206_162842 20151206_174640

I so love that this days is as exciting for adults as it is for children. My niece must have met Santa Clause at least three times over the course of the weekend (I‘m happy to be corrected), and my dad‘s wife prepares little goodie bags for all of us. My mum got so excited about my set of reindeer antlers that we put them on our poor dog. It just goes to show that you can‘t always keep your inner child shut up (even if the inner babysitter is doing their very best).

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

I haven’t talked to Anna all day, so before I go back to studying I’ll definitely check out what she’s been up to today. As should you! If you’ve never been on her blog before, here’s the adress:

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