Blogmas (Day 8) – Christmas Decoration Show Off

Hello Hello Hellooo!

I love Christmas and I also really really love decorating my room until it looks as though Rudolph had thrown up all over the place. Over the years I have collected some really cool Christmas gadgets that I will show you today. You better be as excited as I am!

First off, as promised, my hand knitted nativity set. Just to reassure you, I didn‘t knit it and if you‘ve ever met my mum, you‘ll know that she did not knit it either! She bought it on the Christmas Market in Bern last year and gave it to me for my birthday. I‘m bound to love it, of course! Joseph just looks so proud, This is mah babyyyy, I made this myself! And the angel looks like Princess Leia, all I‘d kiss a Wookiee, Hallelujah! *Sigh* They are just one fabulous holy family!

IMG_20151208_085840 IMG_20151208_090143 IMG_20151208_090345

Then there‘s my New Zealand Santa. Isn‘t he adorable? He even carries with him a little kiwi. I have no idea where I got this from, but it actually reminds me of the coolest thing ever; in Auckland, where I used to live, there‘s this big book shop called Whitcoulls. I think I spent about every saturday there. It‘s AMAZING (also amazingly expensive, but that‘s a whole other story). In December, above the front entrance, they put up a massive Santa Clause figure. It‘s pretty epic in itself, but it gets even better – it wiggles its finger! Geez, I loved that rubbish so so much!



I went to Disneyland in July and, thinking ahead, I bought Cinderella‘s shoe to put on a Christmas tree. We‘re not getting one, though, because we‘re not celebrating Christmas at our house this year, so it‘s just looking as pretty dangling from my Christmas shelf.


Of course the Holidays wouldn‘t be the same without an advent calendar to count down the days. I don‘t think anyone‘s surprised at all to know that I have two Disney themed ones. One was sent to me by my gorgeous friend Inga who knows me very well after our UK trip and many many stops at various Disney stores. The other one is from my dad, and yeah, he knows my soul is all pink and glittery. And it‘s so cool, there‘s all those figurines in it, and I‘m so excited to create a little winter wonderland.
Needless to say, of course, my cat already sat on it.

Bild 53

And last not least, Lametta! I‘m all about the lametta. I‘d just put lametta on everything. Just because. Betta with Lametta, is what I always say.

So, there you go! Anna has a better hand at decorating than me, and she‘ll be showing you what beautiful decorations she has in store for us. Make sure you visit her on

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!


5 thoughts on “Blogmas (Day 8) – Christmas Decoration Show Off

  1. That hand knitted nativity set is SO precious! So much detail. I hate making up little figures like that – I like the knitting part but I don’t like the hand sewing part! I failed miserably with a toy dinosaur I was supposed to make for a friend’s son – it’s all knitted up but in pieces… he’s now 2 years old.
    Wow that’s one MASSIVE Santa + reindeers!

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