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Hey there! My name is Noemi and I’m a twenty-three year old enthusiast when it comes to chocolate and books. Two years ago I finished voluntary work in Honduras and am now living in Switzerland. Apart from studying history and Slavic languages, I spend most of my time reading and eating cereal. I’m very enthusiastic about cereal as well!

My life pretty much revolves around uni and the nearby cafés, hanging out with my dog, baking cupcakes and babysitting. I suck at watering plants but am very good at feeding my cat. I also have a weakness for everything that’s either pink, British or covered in chocolate. All three preferably.

If you want to get in touch, you can either reach me via Facebook or Twitter, use the contact form down below or just send me an old fashioned e-mail!

Thanks for stopping by! Love, Noemi xxx




All the content is written by me. You are of course welcome to quote it, but please don’t steal from me! The pictures are usually taken by me unless otherwise clarified. If I put something of yours on here that you’d like me to take down, just send me a message!

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