Bucket List

    • Eat Yeast Dumplings at Brasserie
    • Feed the elephants and giraffes at Hagenbeck‘s zoo in Hamburg
    • Write a book
    • Publish a book
    • Guide tourists around in Bern
    • Go to a Passenger concert
    • Visit Disneyland with Anastasia
    • Kiss someone in the rain
    • Do a cupcake decorating class in London
    • Make vanilla cookies with Samantha
    • Spend a weekend in Lübeck
    • Go diving in Utila
    • Found a bookstore
    • Travel around in Iceland
    • Visit Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff
    • Hear The Bookshop Band live
    • Learn Dutch
    • Visit Disneyworld
    • Make my own teddy bear
    • Crochet a unicorn
    • Live vegan for a month
    • Learn Polish
    • Move out
    • Donate my hair for charity
    • Learn Czech
    • Watch Three Gifts for Cinderella in Czech
    • Read all Jane Austen novels
    • Eat cake with Kerstin Gier
    • Read Anna Karenina
    • Visit Cologne Cathedral
    • Learn the Roman numbers
    • Eat an entire jar of Nutella
    • Visit the Frankfurt Book Fair
    • Learn how to play the O.R.E.O. song on the ukulele
    • Find the Loch-Ness monster
    • Visit Liechtenstein with Samantha
    • Buy a Samovar
    • Have coffee at Sala 33 with Sloany & Kely
    • Visit Pemberly
    • Have my hair cut by someone who doesn‘t speak my language
    • Try Butterbeer
    • Eat scones at Café Martha
    • Watch baby turtles hatch
    • Swim with dolphins
    • Visit Ojojona with Sloany
    • Read The Unlikely Pilgramage of Harald Fry
    • Create a brownie cemetery with Samantha
    • See the Lion King musical
    • Adopt a koala

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