Crazy Cat Lady or What Am I Doing With My Life?

Everyone has a picture of how they see themselves at a certain stage of their lives. Sometimes of course those pictures change – although I don‘t see how anyone ever stops wanting to be a Disney Princess! – and some pictures stay with us. For a really long time I wanted to be a teacher. Then I fell in love with Orlando Bloom when I started being a teenager, and I wanted to become an actress. When I finished Secondary School I settled for writing. When we think ahead we always see ourselves somewhere ideal. Maybe with a family in a big house or living somewhere abroad hunting kangaroohs or doing surgery on people‘s hearts. But getting there can be quite a scary process. Once you finish school there‘s always the big question of What Now? Becoming a teacher really seems quite straight forward, but do you really want to go to uni straight away? Wouldn‘t it be good to go on the safari you‘ve always dreamed of? Shouldn‘t you go on a couple of dates before you start working for good? Isn‘t there a way of figuring out who you really are? Days of lying around on your bedroom floor, just trying to figure out what you want out of life right this moment, listening to one song over and over again while flipping through the pages of a travel magazine…
But really, we stress ourselves way too much over these things. Dreams don‘t go up in flames if you put them on hold – whoever said that you had to be a human rights lawyer before you‘re twenty-seven? The world holds an infinite number of possibilities and we are able to do whatever we want to.


To me the only thing that really matters is me being happy. I love writing and maybe some day I‘ll do it for a living. And maybe the plays I write are the only things that will ever be published. But what‘s important is that we don‘t define our happiness over the pictures in our heads. Pictures can change and sometimes they do for the better.
When I think way ahead I always imagine myself as a crazy old cat lady. It‘s not very ambitious but it seems peaceful and kittens are cuddly. I‘d drink tea all day long and I‘d knit funny socks for my grand children and I‘d rewatch Doctor Who.
I know life probably isn‘t going to be like that in seventy years (being optimistic here), but we need this picture inside us to get by. Maybe you‘re lying around moping right now, but as long as you have some idea of where you want to get you‘re not going to be stuck forever.


I'm just gonnahave a bunch of 'em
I’m just gonna have a bunch of ’em

You may not have the potential to change the entire world, to bring world peace or to find cancer treatment – but you have the potential to live your life and to go where you want to. You may not get there tomorrow, but you‘ll get there eventually and life will make a little more sense!

Noemi’s Make-Up Tutorial!

So… everybody who knows me well is going to laugh about this week‘s blog post. I‘m doing a make-up tutorial! Yes, I too own lipstick and eyeliner!
I don‘t think the stuff that I own really has any kind of brand, I usually let my friends buy it for me, so I can‘t really tell you whether this is the best there is. It‘s the best I have and it works.
I‘m invited to a birthday party tomorrow night and being a girl I started thinking about what I was going to wear. Simultaneously I was thinking about my blog et voilà! Make-Up it is!


I have a very simple morning routine that doesn‘t vary much from my getting ready routine at night. I put on some liquid eyeliner which always really scares me, because it‘s so difficult to get on without smearing it. Then I add some black mascara and underline my eyes with golden eyeliner. I don‘t have very prominent eyebrows, so this is a way of making my eyes stand out a little bit more. For every day life I usually just put on some lip balm and if I‘m having a good day even some lip gloss. Since I‘m going out tomorrow I‘m probably gonna go for red lipstick, because I can! At last I add some concealer to hide any disgusting spots on my face and try and do something amazing with my hair. I always end up simply straightening it a little or braiding it. Add a bow, and there we go!


…and after

As you can probably tell, I‘m not really that far into the whole make-up stuff. Most of my friends love getting ready in the morning and that‘s really okay. They are not shallow or boring, it‘s just part of who they are. The reason I spend those ten minutes in the bathroom every day is because I like being pretty. I love Disney princesses and every time I put on some lipgloss I feel a tiny bit princessy. But I also think that we need to be careful not to fall into some sort of obsession when it comes to our looks. They are good for first impressions, but they are not who we really are. The prettiest person can be as brainless as a loaf of bread while a tiny wallflower can be the coolest person you‘ll ever meet. And their faces are going to change to you.

I‘m a very social bee, meaning I‘m out and about all the time. Often this happens very spontaneously and I don‘t really have the time to prepare myself much at all. Last week for example I was at my sister‘s place hanging out with her and the baby when my friend sent me a text asking if I was up for a beer. I‘m always up for a beer! Obviously being with a one year old is such a different world from some bar. I still had a tray of brownies with me when I arrived. The place we went to was called Barbière and it‘s so cozy that the waitress had me waiting for five minutes at the counter, because she was finishing off the last piece of cake they had in stock. We had the brownies with our beer and talked about so many meaningless things, we all ended up laughing tears. And I think no one even cared who was wearing coloured eye shadows and who wasn‘t!


Maybe make-up is a way of portraying ourselves. I‘m a bit shy and I‘m a terrible liar. I‘m not even trying to conceal anything, let alone look extravagant. Others don‘t want to be seen the way the really are and hide themselves behind layers and layers of mascara. Some people just want to be beautiful all the time…! I don‘t think there‘s any right or wrong, after all, everyone is responsible for their own face. And that‘s the moral of today: Have the face you like!
Feel free to interpret this in whatever way you like!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
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