Last But Not Least: Day Five

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Two things. One, I had the best of days today. Two, Brighton is heavily overrated and I do not wish to go back. The pier was too loud and the pier was too bright, the beach was too crowded and the noise of the traffic was everywhere. The fish ‘n‘ chips made my stomach ache.
Around noon the sun came out.
And we wandered along the promenade and we left behind the people and the noise and we told each other stories that we already knew but liked to hear anyway.
I remember waking up from my own snoring on the train back.

It was such a complete day.

(Qote: A.A. Milne)

Noemí & Inga Take England

Hello everyone!

It’s 2 am but tomorrow it’s back to work, so I really want to get this post online before the sun rises! I haven’t been very active on my blog for the past month or so, because I was having the most fabulous time travelling the UK. Guys, your country is gorgeous! Get it? GORGEOUS!

I wrote something small about each of the 22 days in my diary and I’m going to share these thoughts with you over the next couple of weeks in a series called Last But Not Least. I hope that you’re going to enjoy this little project of mine! There’ll be stories of chocolate orgies and ancient castles and adventures in Hogwarts, and a boy even.

For now, though, I’ll just leave a couple of uneditted pictures for you to gape at!

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DSC08023DSC08208 DSC08314 DSC08324 DSC08349 DSC08406 DSC08482 DSC08576

DSC07973DSC08586 DSC08612


I hope everyone has had an amazing summer!
Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

In Retrospect

A week ago the term has finished and I‘m looking back at an incredible year, so I thought I‘d reminisce for a bit!

Would you believe that one year ago I was still in this weird beautiful country called Honduras explaining farts to children? One of my friends has recently uploaded the video they made for me the day I left and I cried just a little (no really, it was a lot). I really can‘t believe I put up with Latin music and Salsa dancing for six months straight without going crazy, whereas now I want to punch my boss in the face for never changing the playlist at work!



Less than a year ago I visited New Zealand again and realised that nobody had forgotten about me (which felt lovely); I saw the Hobbiton movie set for the third time and up to now I still totally want to live there!




And now I‘m in Switzerland, stuffing my face with chocolate. I started university which was scary at first because as usual I was worried that everybody would see me as a complete dork and not want to hang out with me – but actually I immediately found a bunch of people who found me dorky yet endearing and are still willing to spend time with me. Maybe next semester I‘ll dive further into the student way of life; for now I was happy to just do my assignments, eat ice cream for lunch and go home to put on my onesie and read.
I really don‘t think that university is a necessity in life but it definitely works for me. Because, let‘s be honest, I love history. I get seriously excited when somebody mentions Martin Luther and if I could write more essays on power structures I would. And it‘s wonderful to meet others who are linked the same way!


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I‘ve started playing the ukulele, I took up a new job in february, I‘m learning Polish; all in all life has changed quite a bit.

My life is going to change even further as I‘m planning on moving out. I am so excited and looking at flats all over – actually, I‘m looking for a flat in one very specific part of town, so not that all over! I‘m sure I‘ll be completely lost for the first few weeks being on my own. I mean – how do you wash your clothes? I‘m probably going to be the crazy lady who hand washes her clothes down by the river! Also, how am I supposed to sleep without my cat? We‘re cushion buddies! He‘ll be crushed when I leave!

We have a tendency to think that we need to have figured everything out by a certain age but that‘s really just holding us back. Maybe sometimes it‘s enough to figure out just what the next step is. And maybe the rest will figure out itself.

So here‘s to a new year, new changes and sappy rainbows!

Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

My Bucket List

I have recently developed a liking for lists. I‘m listing everything now. From daily routines over groceries to the number of pages I want to read in a day. Of course I also I have a Bucket List. The intention behind this particular list is not essentially getting everything done before I die – although not being dead would be a great advantage! – but rather valuing the little things more. I saw this on Megan‘s blog and really loved the idea; it also went hand in hand with this gorgeous little note that I found on Pinterest:


Isn‘t this wonderful?! Not very ecological, sure, but it‘s so sweet! Let‘s not care about the big things, let‘s do all the things that don‘t matter because in the end they‘re the ones that matter most!

So here goes:

  • Eat Yeast Dumplings at Brasserie
  • Feed the elephants and giraffes at Hagenbeck‘s zoo in Hamburg
  • Write a book
  • Publish a book
  • Guide tourists around in Bern
  • Go to a Passenger concert
  • Visit Disneyland with Anastasia
  • Kiss someone in the rain
  • Do a cupcake decorating class in London
  • Make vanilla cookies with Samantha
  • Spend a weekend in Lübeck
  • Go diving in Utila
  • Found a bookstore
  • Travel around in Iceland
  • Visit Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff
  • Hear The Bookshop Band live
  • Learn Dutch
  • Visit Disneyworld
  • Make my own teddy bear
  • Crochet a unicorn
  • Live vegan for a month
  • Learn Polish
  • Move out
  • Donate my hair for charity
  • Spend a day on a bus
  • Learn Czech
  • Watch Three Gifts for Cinderella in Czech
  • Read all Jane Austen novels
  • Eat cake with Kerstin Gier
  • Read Anna Karenina
  • Visit Cologne Cathedral
  • Learn the Roman numbers
  • Eat an entire jar of Nutella
  • Get on a random train and just see where it takes me
  • Visit the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Learn how to play the O.R.E.O. song on the ukulele
  • Find the Loch-Ness monster
  • Visit Liechtenstein with Samantha
  • Buy a Samovar
  • Have coffee at Sala 33 with Sloany & Kely
  • Visit Pemberly
  • Have my hair cut by someone who doesn‘t speak my language
  • Try Butterbeer
  • Eat scones at Café Martha
  • Watch baby turtles hatch
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Visit Ojojona with Sloany
  • Read The Unlikely Pilgramage of Harald Fry
  • Create a brownie cemetery with Samantha
  • See the Lion King musical
  • Adopt a koala

There will probably be added more lovely points! 🙂 If any of you have a bucket list I’ll be very interested in reading them!

Lots of love!

Staying In Touch

One of the things I have been most lucky to have in my life are my friends. That sounds like such a cliché to say, but considering how many of my friends live oceans away from me, I can‘t pressure this enough. I‘m astonished, really, that people are still putting up with me. I‘m terrible at replying to messages or letters or remembering Skype dates. I‘m such a confused little person sometimes and I have my heart all over the place; and no matter how many times I tell someone that I love them to pieces via WhatsApp or Facebook, it‘s always a mere excuse for not saying it more often. But their pictures are all on my wall and I look at them every time I‘m writing or doing homework. Some of them I don‘t even talk to anymore, and some of them I talk to every day, and whenever I look up at our smiley faces I remember how infinite I felt, how grand, how little rain or sleet or snow mattered because we were all wrapped up within each other.

Even if your best friend lives a country away, it is possible to feel closer to her than the people you sit next to in math class. Sometimes the people surrounding you are the ones 2,763 miles away.
(The Girl in the Little Black Dress)

There‘s so many people who feel so close to me still and I feel like the world deserves to meet them.

There‘s my wonderful Kiwi friend Annie who sends me heaps of letters and cards and sexy firemen calendars. I keep buying her chocolates and end up eating them myself – one of these days, Annie, you‘re going to get a massive letter and a half eaten chocolate bar!

I can‘t thank Charlie enough for the endless SnapChat messages I get on a almost daily basis. I never reply because I suck. But my mood brightens so much when I get Snaps like this one early in the morning!

Bild 15

And all my Hondurans! I could cry everytime I think about them. I‘m in love with all of them because they carry their hearts on their sleeves, because they tried so hard to understand my culture and they took me in as if I were just like them, even when everything about me screamed that I wasn‘t. And even now with life rushing on for all of us, I randomly receive messages from people telling me that they love me still. I miss their hugs  and I hate that all I get are hundreds of messages in a group chat, but I also love it because its a fragment of their lives and somewhere in there I have my place too.

Bild 16



I met my cousin/aunt/whatever only a few years ago. Her name is Paulina and she‘s my dad‘s cousin, but she‘s younger than me. She lives in Hamburg and she‘s very pretty and I love her for also being a Harnickell because I thought I was the only girl. We haven‘t spoken in so long but I can‘t wait to see her again. Weekends with her have been the loveliest and they made me love this gorgeous human so much!

There is a girl whose name is also Noemi and who made me a Minion hot-water-bottle cover for my birthday. She likes weird things which is good because I‘m a little weird too. And sometimes she understands and sometimes she doesn‘t but she always makes me smile, even when I don‘t want to!

Foto 10


14.09.14 - 37

Tashina listens to my endless dramas about boys and books and Cadbury chocolate and watches Doctor Who with me. She doesn‘t even like Science Fiction. Inga sends me a hand-made photo calendar every Christmas and Bethi let me stay at her house once. Samantha and I have a book club but we never read anything together. Jonathan makes me stay up until the sun rises, and Anna brings me back a plush princess from the Disney shop in London. Claire let me come to her speech but not her parents, and Anna went to the book shop with me afterwards. I have never met Rieke but last year she wrote me a letter and I really want to give her a hug. Jennifer wasn‘t my sister but now she is. Tamara and Magalie once went to have a picknick in an illegal place with me where we could look down on the entire city and felt like kings. Macarena was there too and I miss that little chilean munchkin.

NZ 153


20130519-JL-20130519-IMG_0367hochzeit hare


I love that there‘s Lucy and Jacqui and Katrien and Luis and Alice and Kerem among others who never write but who go out with me for Frozen Yoghurt whenever I‘m in the area. And I love that they still look happy on their Facebook pictures  and that I once had them smile and laugh like this with me.




The favourite thing about my best friend is how she smells like home.
She is home

Life consists of so many tiny memories and it never matters where we are and if we are still with the same people or not. We are always in motion and friendships come and go but they never leave us completely. Not talking to someone is not the same as not thinking of them. And I can‘t even do all the people justice with this little blog post here. Who cares about it anyway? I just love them so much and I wanted you to know.

Lots of love!

Wadd’s Up At The Wadden Sea!

So, I spent six months in a country that borders the carribean sea, and not once did I go swimming in it. Now I‘m back in Switzerland, and you can say whatever you want about it, but we have mountains not beaches! And yes, the mountains are just as beautiful and stunning, but have I mentioned that it‘s also raining? We‘re not even getting warm weather!

The Wadden Sea at low tide
The Wadden Sea at low tide


It‘s a good thing, I suppose, that I spent the first week of August at the Wadden Sea in St. Peter-Ording in Germany. Now, that‘s something to look at. Miles and miles of sandy ground, the beach seems to go on for ages. Swimming is only fun when the tide is high, but low tide brings its own pleasures. Crabs, alive and dead, cockles, worms… the mud is very much alive. I realize of course that you wouldn‘t necessarily call a cockle a vivid and exciting creature – but if you put it in the sand somewhere in a sunny spot it starts to spin around and bury itself in the ground where it is safe from birds and other predators.
And then there was the most beautiful thing when we went for a walk late one night and the floor around our feet began to glow. Wikipedia calls this phenomenon the „Milky seas effect“, and it‘s basically just alga that, well, glows in the dark.

Lighthouse of Westerhever and salt meadow
Lighthouse of Westerhever and salt meadow

But ever so often, beautiful things are threatened – and so is the Wadden Sea. Its main enemy, climate change, is making the sea level rise drastically, giving the Wadden Sea‘s inhabitants not much of a chance to adapt. If the beaches are constantly flooded, where will all the cockle eating birds get their food? If the seals can‘t use the sandbanks for reprodction where they are safe from natural predators – how are we going to get more seal babies?

Walrus baby with moustache! (source:
Walrus baby with moustache! (source:

Oh, talking of babies (no, I‘m not getting one!), one of the things we regretted not being able to do was visiting the zoo in Hamburg. Their current highlight is the recently born walrus baby. It has a moustache – we all had to agree that this is one of the coolest things!
We had a pretty cool time, though. I got a tan (at last), we found kangaroos and when we went for a biking trip, only six of the twenty-five hired bikes broke. Holidays are fun!