All The Things You May Say To A Book Lover

Lately I have stumbled upon a number of posts on blogs that listed phrases you should never ever under any circumstances say to a book lover. I’d say I’m a pretty huge fan of books, and have been since I was a child. But every single one of those posts just annoyed me a great deal. It’s a snobby attitude to pretend that reading is a better hobby than, say, doing ballet or watching football. So, as a book lover, I decided to list all the things you may say to me (yes, even WHILE I’m reading!)…

 «But you have got so many books already!»
I knooow, right? And aren’t they pretty! Thank you so much for noticing!

 «Wow, you’ve read that book in a single day?»
Thank you, I appreciate the admiring tone!

 «I liked the movie better.»
That’s okay. Maybe it was a hell of a movie then!

 «I’m not going to read the book – I’ve already seen the movie!»
Seriously, the only time I will judge you for this is when it comes to Harry Potter. But, hey, sometimes we’re just not in the mood to like something!

 «You read a lot. What’s the name of the author who wrote that book about those things?»
Aw, I probably don’t know. But thank you for believing that I might!

«I’ve read this brilliant book…!»
Tell me more, tell me more!

«I hate to interrupt you while you’re reading, but…»
The last time I was told that, someone wanted to discuss dinner plans with me. Books are food for thought, but they’re not pasta.

«How many books do you have?»
I don’t know. But I don’t mind telling you about my shelves anyway (since you showed a spark of interest.)

«Wanna go to the bookstore?»
Yes please! Let’s talk about books, baby! Let’s talk about you and me…!

«I don’t have time to read.»
And I don’t have time for football or Grey’s Anatomy. We only make time for the things we actually enjoy, and why shouldn’t we?

«You must have been such a nerd in school!»
O.M.G. YES! But I once was thrown out of the library for inapropriate behaviour (= holding hands with a boy). So, you see, I was also a rebel.

«Haven’t you already read that book?»
And it was so amazing I’m reading it again! Maybe you would enjoy it, too?

«What’s that book about?»
Your mistake if you ask me that question, because I will now not shut up until I finish telling you the ENTIRE FRIGGIN’ PLOT!

I realise that every society has this group of people who think reading is rubbish. But same goes for every hobby. Not everyone can enjoy the same things, and some people find this harder to accept than others. But we readers like to believe that we’re super smart (which we TOTALLY are!), and shaming others for asking a silly question just isn’t a very smart thing to do. Really, there is only one sentence that every book lover will truly hate from the bottom of their hearts, and that is

«The sequel will be out in 2047!»


Wishing you all a wonderful autmn-y week and a happy Booktober!


Last But Not Least: Day Fourteen

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-24 um 16.59.25

The dragons are everywhere, scattered across town. They don’t look anything like the mythical creatures in the stories that I love so much, Eragon or Harry Potter. But I love them anyway. They just stand there, amidst tourists and busy shoppers, and the sun makes them glimmer and glitter in an almost unrealistic way.

It feels a bit like magic; everything is old and beautiful, and every other shop window seems to be full of books. We sit down on the foot of a dragon wearing a deerstalker, and we listen to the music of a violinist playing and swirling, and he reminds me a bit of a shooting star.

(Quote: Terry Pratchett)

A Bonfire Heart For James Blunt

What is the perfect message to start off your day? Or my day. Maybe it would just ruin yours. The answer is of course – You may go to a James Blunt concert for free! Yaaaaayy! It was like my birthday and christmas both arrived a month early!

I love James Blunt! I mean, I L-O-V-E him! Like, I would marry him in a heartbeat. If he hadn‘t got married already that is. If you hear James Blunt singing „You‘re beautiful“ to you in front of hundreds of people I don‘t think you‘ll ever need it from anyone else ever again (although I did get a sense of him not singing it just for me)!
Do I have a problem? I think I have a problem!


I think the reason why James Blunt is so lovable is that the lyrics to his songs have a very genuine feel to them. There‘s an openheartedness to them that really touches me. And I know he has lines like „I know you wanna turn me on!“ (no denying that of course!), but I don‘t think it‘s even the cheesy romantic stuff that gets to me so much… it‘s the way he combines his words and makes them into something so meaningful.

„And maybe some day we will meet.
And maybe talk and not just speak.“

„If I could choose I‘d have you stay
But I gave my heart to you
And it‘s yours to break.
Before my fears break us apart
Won‘t you follow me into the dark.“

„‘Cause his father‘s not the man he liked to grow up to be
And his mother isn‘t growing old gracefully.“

Yes, I cried when I heard those songs. I cry very easily.
The concert was everything I had wanted it to be. The atmosphere was great and James Blunt was charming and funny and really good. I‘m still very happy on how this week started! Now I‘m low on sleep and feeling slightly over worked, but I don‘t have the energy to care. Also, it‘s almost my birthday. And then it‘s Jesus‘s birthday! And some birthdays in between. But mainly mine and Jesus‘s! And until then I get paid for wrapping parcels. Now, isn‘t that a dream job!


I hope you all have a lovely week!
Cheers! xxx