Blogmas (Day 25) – «Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time!»

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I‘ll be leaving you with a short last post for this wonderful Blogmas night, seeing as it takes up all my strength not to finish Giovanna Fletcher‘s Dream a Little Dream right now!

Today‘s been the first day in months that I didn‘t have to get up at eight and head off to work or uni or my desk. Instead I took it slow, got up at nine and made Christmas cookies in my jammies while my mum fixed her Christmas Day with her boyfriend. Around midday Tobias and I headed over to our dad‘s house, almost missing the train – but then again, what is Christmas without a race through a busy main station, right?

We had pasta for lunch because my wonderful stepmum just knows her picky eaters well, then stuffed ourselves with the Red Velvet Cake I made for my dad‘s birthday a few days back. Opening the presents was as exciting as ever, especially as I didn‘t expect anything! My dad and his wive already got me an (almost) new MacBook and as a (wannabe) writer I couldn‘t have asked for a better gift! However, they still managed to whisk up a book series that I didn‘t know and that‘s right up my street. It‘s called The School for Good and Evil by Soman Ghainani, and part of the reason why I want to finish reading Dream a Little Dream so much is that I can start on this one. Oh, the agony!



Of course nobody had as much fun tearing off paper as my niece did. And finally, when all the excitement of that was gone I kept walking around the richly decorated Christmas tree with her and discovering all the gorgeous little ornaments and baubles with her. It‘ a wonder, really, that she didn‘t knock any of it down!

To finish this grand day off we watched Three Gifts for Cinderella, my all time favourite Christmas movie, and The Rise of the Guardians (am I the only who‘d totally hit Jack Frost?!). Now I‘m sitting on the couch by myself and taking in the Christmas atmosphere. It‘s smelling of gingerbread and sugar cookies and chocolate and blown out candles. It‘s quiet with all the giggles and music having faded away and it‘s peaceful. It‘s me and my books, and I think that looking back on all of my Christmases, it‘s always been that – me and my books having a little Christmas party when everyone else has disappeared into their own beds.



I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and I‘m sending out virtual hugs to all of you!

Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

Don’t forget to wish a Merry Christmas to Anna who has been an amazing Blogging partner this Christmas season! You find her blog over on This will certainly not be our last project together seeing as we booked a trip to London – and how could I ever visit London and not blog about it, right?!

Blogmas (Day 24) – Christmas Eve Celebration

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

I have just had the loveliest Christmas Dinner with my family. We went to my grandmother‘s house as we do most years because out of all of us she cooks the best. Also, in contrast to my mum and me, she‘s quite well organised. She‘d made a vegetarian lasagna and I brought a butterscotch roulade for dessert. My family loves eating, so dinner was clearly a highlight of the evening. We usually go to church after opening the presents, but this year we took our time singing Christmas carols, my mum read us two stories, then we each took turns opening our presents.




I feel so blessed having been able to spend another Christmas with the people I hold dearest. It‘s such a privilege to be alive and well and happy. I was also given amazing presents, and I realise that that, too, is not something to be taken for granted. To wish for something and to just get it, that‘s a huge wonder in itself and I‘m amazed to have been so lucky all my life. Even when times were not as good as they are now, my parents always gave my brother and me everything they could.

I don‘t care if I get a laser sword next year or if somebody buys me an Around-the-World ticket, all I‘ll ever want is this: my family gathered around the tree and laughing until tears flow.




Tomorrow Tobias and I will be spending Christmas with our dad and our adopted patchwork family which will probably include even more eating. I can‘t wait!

Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

Blogmas (Day 23) – Blogger Gift Exchange

Hello Lovelies!

Today Anna (aka my Blogmas partner in crime aka Tiny Trinket on and I exchanged our Christmas presents. It wasn‘t a proper exchange, because I was in the book shop working and she just dropped hers and then had to commit to an odyssey through the store because I had put mine behind a colleague‘s counter on another floor. According to the messages I received I assume she found it, though!

I love opening presents. I don‘t care whether they‘re big or small and I certainly don‘t expect people to get me anything – but I love opening presents so much that sometimes , when I buy something for myself, I have it gift wrapped. So when I had the bag of wrapped up goodies at my feet this afternoon at work I was feeling downright giddy. Anna got my so many exciting things I really can‘t wait to share them with everyone (on the internet. Not in real life. Let‘s not get carried away, okay?)


The most amazing thing is the Frozen muesly she got me. I have a half finished box already in my kitchen, but yay! I was feeling put off because it‘s so delicious and I keep telling myself that I must not buy stuff just because Olaf is on it. But now Christmas is saved!

Then she got me a pasta measuring thing that gives spagetthi the shape of a unicorn. Again, magical!

And lastly she added a recipe book called Vintage Teatime Recipes. If you‘ve read my About page you‘ll know that I love the English culture, so this is just pure awesomeness! I‘ll be making scones for the better part of next year!



This just goes to show how well Anna knows me, and I‘m so psyched about the whole unwrapping process that I‘ve just been through! A huge thank you is definitely in order (thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!). If you want to know what I got her pop over to her blog on where she‘s already uploaded pictures!

Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

Blogmas (Day 14) – Birthday Reflections

I know it‘s way past midnight, but I‘ve only just got off celebrating my 23rd birthday! Yaay! I had such a wonderful day and I feel so so blessed and happy and full of cake, and I can‘t wait for the next one to come.

I just looked at my pile of presents and thought about all the things that I got and all the things that I didn‘t get and I realised that maybe this pile of presents isn‘t even that important. All my friends came over for dinner and I didn‘t make enough potatoes and I forgot to buy white wine, but we still had a wonderful time.


When I look back on my past birthdays I can‘t remember a single bad day. It‘s the one day I get to pick the music and nobody complains about my Christmas/Disney/Backstreet Boys playlist. I can choose bloody Frozen napkins and wear my reindeer antlers, and everybody accepts it without laughing. I always feel like I get to be myself to the absolute fullest on this one day. And when I look back I don‘t remember the presents. Did I get a book or a DVD or chocolates, who knows! But I do remember that I have never been alone and that makes me feel super special! And that‘s the biggest gift, and it‘s not corny because it‘s true. If I could wish for one thing it‘s that there will always be lovely faces around my table on my birthday and that I will always feel as loved.

Bild 63

Getting older is scary sometimes because we are never quite who we want to be. I haven‘t published a bestselling novel yet, I haven‘t met my future husband yet, I haven‘t even moved out yet – so many things I was sure to have done before turning 20! But here I am, and it‘s just okay. So maybe I‘ll publish a bestseller next year, or the year after. Maybe I won‘t have children until I‘m 30. Maybe I‘ll still be living with my mum in spring. That‘s fine, because there are so many things more that define me and my personal happiness and so long as I‘m not alone and so long as I‘m loved I think I‘m exactly where I‘m supposed to be.

Sorry for the slightly delayed post! Cheers to you all!
Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

Blogmas: I’ve Never Seen The Matterhorn!

 The strangest thing for me to understand is that a big part of the world population has never seen snow. Never having seen snow does not just mean never having seen frozen water. It means never having woken up to a winter wonderland, it means never having felt a snowflake dissolve on your skin, it means never having been even hoping for a white Christmas (not that I am this year!). Never having seen snow is very sad. Maybe it’s a bit how I feel about never having seen the Northern Lights. Do people wake up in the morning and squeal with delight because of them? Or is it just, you know, a light in the sky that’s there all year? It’s not as if I care too much, because I’ve never had a life with the Northern Lights in it, but yes, sometimes it makes me a bit sad that they don’t extend to my country.


Yesterday my Honduran host brother arrived in Switzerland, and seeing snow was on the top of his bucket list – after all, what is Switzerland without snow?! So I took him.
Two hours away we found it (he was delighted) and we also found the Matterhorn, a famous Swiss mountain. It’s not that astonishing that we found it, considering that we went to Zermatt with the sole purpose of seeing it – and the snow! And now is my ime to confess: I’ve never consciously seen that mountain before! It’s so gorgeous! It has it’s own chocolate – that’s how beautiful this mountain is! Eating Toblerone will never be the same again.

I’m not a very patriotic person. I have lived in New Zealand where I could see the Milky Way and I have lived in Honduras where I could hardly see the stars at all. And I have lived in Switzerland where you get some stars, but if you’re lucky you always get snow and you have those mountains that can take your breath away if you just look. It makes me glad to be alive!


Wishing you all the best!

Blogmas: Sexiest Book Alive

BESTEST BOOK EVAAH! I am currently reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater, and if I were doing the Sexy Books thing right now, this beauty would win the award for Sexiest Book Alive. Yess, it‘s alive! I can‘t believe there‘s no fandom for this, I feel like it‘s just me and my wretched feelings and a bunch of quotes hovering in my mind. But it‘s such a wonderful, wonderful book! It‘s the sort of book that makes you want to carry it around even when you‘re not reading it, and eventually you have to take it to bed with you and hope that you keep dreaming about it!

Foto 224

Blue Lily, Lily Blue is the third book in The Raven Cycle. It‘s the story of a girl named Blue who was told that if she kisses her true love he will die. She then gets involved with the Raven Boys which is the nickname for the guys who go Aglionby Academy, an expensive private school. Gansey, Noah, Ronan and Adam are looking for an ancient Welsh King who supposedly is buried somewhere and has been for some hundred years. Of course she falls in love and they can‘t kiss and it sounds corny, but it‘s so well done. So far there hasn‘t been one single romantic kiss in the story, but somehow it‘s irresistibly cute!


It‘s a sort of answer to the Twilight series. Part of Edward‘s attraction is of course his money. Obviously, he‘s gorgeous, too, but Stepheny Meyer really does like a man with a fancy car. Here, though, we have Blue and the Raven Boys; Blue who has to work multiple shifts a day to save up for college and the boys who can afford 14$ shampoo. And while Bella doesn‘t mind all that much about her boyfriend giving her a new mobile phone or a new car or simply buying her food (I wouldn‘t mind that I think!), Blue consistently puts her foot down when it comes to what she calls charity. Blue is my absolute role model, because she‘s small and weird and she bites!

Oh, and the love story! Oh gawd! The funny thing is that Gansey really doesn‘t seem all that great in the beginning when you see him through Blues eyes. Just a rich snob with a pretty face. And then he sort of grows on her, and as he does he grows on you, too. And then suddenly you realize that you love him, that strange boy.


I think The Raven Cycle is best described by a quote used by Maggie Stiefvater herself:

“More than anything, the journal wanted. It wanted more than it could hold, more than words could describe, more than diagrams could illustrate. Longing burst from the pages, in every frantic line and every hectic sketch and every dark-printed definition. There was something pained and melancholy about it.”

Please bear with me that my life is very hard right now because I have to hand in two essays before my birthday, go to uni, go to work and be in love with Gansey! Let me know if you‘re going through the same, so we can make a Maggie Stiefvater book club!

Have a great 10th of December!

Blogmas: Fourteen Festive Favourites

Christmas season has arrived! It’s finally advent and I’m officially allowed to spread the festive mood! This month I’m launching a new project called THE ADVENT CALENDAR — this means I will post something every day, so make sure you come back. Actually, I haven’t thought this through very thoroughly, so it’ll be just as much a surprise for me as it will be for you!
Since it’s the first day of December and we only have twenty-three more days to go until Christmas Eve, I decided to start this thing off by naming fourteen Festive Favourites. I got the idea from Tom Fletcher, although I slightly altered it.


Number One: Favourite Christmas Tradition
When I was little i used to love decoration the christmas tree, but this year I don’t think we’re even going to get one. I think I’ll have to go with baking. I make amazing christmas cookies!

Number Two: Favourite Christmas Carol
The Little Drummer Boy. The part ”…I played my drum for him… / And then he smiled at me…” makes me cry every time. Even now!

Number Three: Favourite Christmas Food
Cookies! I love that you only get certain cookies at this time of the year, and I basically live off them for weeks!

 Number Four: Favourite Christmas Movie
Three Gifts for Cinderella, the czech movie from 1973. It‘s incredible, I used to really want to be her. She gets all those lovely dresses just by cracking open some nuts – seriously, watch it!
Oh, actually there‘s another one – I really love Love, Actually. Especially the scene with Hugh Grant dancing through 10 Downing Street – I could rewatch this endlessly (and I do!).

Number Five: Favourite Christmas PresentDSC07042
I‘m quite a tough person to give presents to, because the only thing you can buy that makes me genuinly happy are books, and I own about three hundred! Actually, thinking about it, I think the greatest gift I ever got was my teddy bear. I was already ten or eleven when I got it, but even now I can‘t fall asleep without it. It‘s called Uschi and has been travelling everywhere with me. I even wrote a poem about it once!

Number Six: Favourite Christmas Story
By far it has to be The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. Santa Claus can‘t make it and Death takes the job. It‘s hilarious!

Number Seven: Favourite Day in Advent
December fourteenth because it‘s my birthday! I‘m like a child when it comes to birthdays and christmas! I love unwrapping presents and eating chocolate cake and getting a hundred notifications on Facebook…! And because my birthday is so close to Christmas it always feels as if all the lovely lights in the streets are just for me and everybody gets so stressed because they need to find me a good present, even people that I‘ve never spoken to! Christmas, for me, is just a late Birthday party!


Number Eight: Favourite Christmas Song
White is in the Winter Night by Enya. It‘s the song I associate with my dad making pancakes. FYI – he makes the best pancakes in the world!

Number Nine: Favourite Christmas Decoration
I have a thing for weird christmas ball ornaments. Like the rubber duck shaped one I got last year that no one wanted to put on the tree!

Number Ten: Favourite Christmas Accessory
I have a knitted skirt with reindeers embroidered on it that my mum hates. In December I wear it multiple times a week, because the rest of the year I can‘t. Seriously, this is part of the reason why I love christmas so much! Best money spent ever!

Number Eleven: Favourite Christmas Scent
I love the way everything smells when you enter a Christmas market. Fir needles and mold wine and roasted almonds and cinnamon and candle wax… that‘s the smell of Christmas for me!

Number Twelve: Favourite Place To Spend Christmas
I like being at home for christmas. I spent it in New Zealand once, but it‘s just not the same when you‘re walking around in jandals all day. Christmas has to be cold (I was going to say white, but who am I kidding!). Apart from that I don‘t care where I have Christmas precisely. My house or my grandmum‘s house or my dad‘s house – as long as my family is with me and I‘m well fed!

Number Thirteen: Favourite Christmas Quote

First we‘ll make
for two hours,
then we‘ll go
then we‘ll eat a
whole roll of
as fast as we can,
and then we‘ll snuggle.
(Buddy the Elf)

Number Fourteen: Favourite Doctor Who Christmas Special
The Christmas Invasion. I love Ten and Rose, and this episode is just so christmassy! Apart maybe from the fact that it snows ashes. But I always melt when he asks her to keep travelling with him. At that point everything outside of Aaaaaaww! is a strangely foreign concept for my brain!

So, there you go! Those are my fourteen favourite things about the Christmas season! It‘s not intended as a tag, but feel free to use those questions to spread the cheer! I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon, and I shall see you tomorrow!