The Sleepover

So last night, for the first time in ages, I had a sleepover at my place and I realised just how incredibly awesome sleepovers are! When you‘re a child you have to beg your parents to have your friend stay the night and when they finally allow it it‘s so special to be sharing your bed and to show off your pajamas and to hear each other snore, and in the morning you‘re dead tired, but you feel like somebody‘s poured a whole awful lot of glitter into your life! And then you grow up and you stop doing it because it‘s so much easier for everyone to just go home and slip into their own beds. We realise that we need our beauty sleep and that we must not feel too rotten in the morning and that we‘re not children anymore. But maybe we‘re just getting it wrong, maybe we should have way more sleepovers and pajama parties, because we‘re not children any more!

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Samantha and I did the whole thing. First, we went to see Mockingjay – Part II in the theatre, and it was spectacular! We both cried. Then we had tea in my bedroom and we flicked through Tumblr comments on Harry Potter and marvelled about the Beatles, and we stalked Dan Howell on Instagram (because that‘s what you do when you‘re over 20!), and suddenly it was three in the morning.

To finish our little event off, we made brownies this morning and used them to create a brownie graveyard. Looking at it, I can only guess that I‘m going to die off a sugar overdose. As did obviously Voldemort because, kind as we are, we made him a biscuit gravestone. 

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When I was little I used to think that the only reason to ever get a boyfriend would be to have sleepovers every night. And I think, to some degree, this is still how I feel about romance. Because isn‘t it the coolest thing to have someone you can talk to all night and giggle yourself to sleep with?

It‘s only a short post today, but I shouldn‘t be writing at all – exams are coming up in just over a week and I have to get started on some serious vocab learning. Fun stuff.
Why did I choose Polish again?!

Anyway, tonight I‘m meeting up with the lovely Anna from Tiny Trinket to discuss Blogmas, which we‘ll be doing together this year. Look forward to being spammed, and tell me if you‘re blogging excessively during the Christmas season, because I want to read some festive posts!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ps. not gonna lie to you, we’re meant to be – just pure soulmateness (c’mon, look at that pose!)

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Crazy Cat Lady or What Am I Doing With My Life?

Everyone has a picture of how they see themselves at a certain stage of their lives. Sometimes of course those pictures change – although I don‘t see how anyone ever stops wanting to be a Disney Princess! – and some pictures stay with us. For a really long time I wanted to be a teacher. Then I fell in love with Orlando Bloom when I started being a teenager, and I wanted to become an actress. When I finished Secondary School I settled for writing. When we think ahead we always see ourselves somewhere ideal. Maybe with a family in a big house or living somewhere abroad hunting kangaroohs or doing surgery on people‘s hearts. But getting there can be quite a scary process. Once you finish school there‘s always the big question of What Now? Becoming a teacher really seems quite straight forward, but do you really want to go to uni straight away? Wouldn‘t it be good to go on the safari you‘ve always dreamed of? Shouldn‘t you go on a couple of dates before you start working for good? Isn‘t there a way of figuring out who you really are? Days of lying around on your bedroom floor, just trying to figure out what you want out of life right this moment, listening to one song over and over again while flipping through the pages of a travel magazine…
But really, we stress ourselves way too much over these things. Dreams don‘t go up in flames if you put them on hold – whoever said that you had to be a human rights lawyer before you‘re twenty-seven? The world holds an infinite number of possibilities and we are able to do whatever we want to.


To me the only thing that really matters is me being happy. I love writing and maybe some day I‘ll do it for a living. And maybe the plays I write are the only things that will ever be published. But what‘s important is that we don‘t define our happiness over the pictures in our heads. Pictures can change and sometimes they do for the better.
When I think way ahead I always imagine myself as a crazy old cat lady. It‘s not very ambitious but it seems peaceful and kittens are cuddly. I‘d drink tea all day long and I‘d knit funny socks for my grand children and I‘d rewatch Doctor Who.
I know life probably isn‘t going to be like that in seventy years (being optimistic here), but we need this picture inside us to get by. Maybe you‘re lying around moping right now, but as long as you have some idea of where you want to get you‘re not going to be stuck forever.


I'm just gonnahave a bunch of 'em
I’m just gonna have a bunch of ’em

You may not have the potential to change the entire world, to bring world peace or to find cancer treatment – but you have the potential to live your life and to go where you want to. You may not get there tomorrow, but you‘ll get there eventually and life will make a little more sense!


I know it has been some time since I last blogged about whatever this is that I‘m doing, and I feel it‘s time to let all those who have been asking know: I have not been busy with sex!
Yeah, now would be a great time to apologize for being absent by telling some fascinating story about how I rescued a kitten from a burning house and how I then had to be rescued myself and how I have been looking after poor Mr. Snuggles for the past days, treating his injuries and only now being free enough to write some lines. Umm, well, no. Actually I once witnessed a house burning down, and I don‘t think I would have saved a kitten from in there. It was really scary.

Anyway, you‘ve probably already guessed it from the title that I‘ve been very busy procrastinating. I suppose sex could count as a form of procrastination unless it is specifically used to populate the earth, but really, that‘s not what I meant. Anyway! (*fakecoughing*) Procrastination seems to be a really popular topic to blog on lately, and I have so far always thought I would not write another article on this. Because, let‘s be honest, writing about procrastination is just another way of procrastinating your way around having to find an actual interesting topic to write on.

The thing about me is that I hate being bored. And that is kind of a problem if you are facing a five week holiday at home after having been to Central America for six months. And I have been really well prepared for all those free days, too. I was going to finally write a novel, there‘s a play I‘m currently writing with my theatre group in Bern, I have two blogs to update, I was going to read a ton of books… it worked well for a while, but then I decided I had to make a scrap book of Honduras, like, right now! And that turned out to be more fun than staring at blank pages, trying to fill them with words. That and watching „F.R.I.E.N.D.S.“ Also, I tried to start uni this week, but even that sort of failed seeing as I have only had one lecture so far.

First day of officially being a university student! Yay!
First day of officially being a university student! Yay!

The problem with procrastination is that it is fun. It may not get you anywhere, but it‘s far from boring. I don‘t mind watching „F.R.I.E.N.D.S.“ all day and sorting through pictures of happy times. And, you know, John Green did say that the time we enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Let‘s take some comfort in that!

Oh god! I just watched Daniel Howell‘s video blog on the topic and realised that I‘m not even doing procrastination right. I don‘t have lunch, I just get breakfast really late and then forget about eating until dinner time and I don‘t actually have any obsessions on the internet, because my Twitter account has like nine followers and Tumblr kills my Mac off. And I keep forgetting that my blogs now have a Facebook page. I think that is my cue to getting some actual, real life work done!

Cheers! xxx

(also, check out these videos that do not help at all if you want to be productive right now!!)