Last But Not Least: Day Three

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London has entire streets dedicated to all sorts of bookshops. There’s one dedicated to witchcraft and one sells hand signed first editions of Charles Dickens and one has a café in the midst of paper and ink. The tour guide called it Diagon Alley and I will stick to that (even though it is really called Cecile’s Street).

Oxford Street always makes me a hypocrate. Because I hate that people just shop to shop without needing anything that they buy, but I am one of them and I love commercialism. I bought so much and I needed nothing, and I won’t admit that it felt good.

(Quote: J.K. Rowling)


Last But Not Least: Day Two

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I have never seen the sun shine in London before. To me, it has always been a place lost in time. A grey sky over grey asphalt and grey castles. With just a touch of glistening magic. But today the sun shone and I wore a summer dress and I burnt the tip of my nose and the sweat made my knickers stick uncomfortably to my bum. The sun makes London such a real place. All the people wearing hot pants when they should, well, wear anything but them! All the litter on the street illuminated, all that dust in the air, the graffiti on the walls. I have never noticed before that underneath the magical surface London is a real place.

We ran down Primrose Hill facing the Skyline and we crossed the Tower Bridge looking down on all the ant-like people. Primrose Bakery makes the best cupcakes in the world, and mine was extra delicious. And then we sat on the roof again and watched the sun set. I listened to the sound of the train and from above the wild traffic was just a distant, far off noise. As the light came to a close even the dirt seemed romantic.

(Quote: John Green)

Last But Not Least: Day One

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London is a blur. I arrived, and it wasn‘t on Platform 9 3/4, and it wasn‘t magical. Just the crowded station of St. Pancras; anouncements, suitcases being pushed and pulled past me, a child crying, two lovers hugging, the music coming from some shop. I circled the top floor of the station and I circled the lower floor and when I was completely lost in my circle, Inga finally found me. She is very good at finding me (I should ask her how she does it, because I keep losing myself).

It‘s good to be nibbling at a Waggon Wheel at midnight in a stranger‘s kitchen when your thoughts slowly turn into dreams.

(Quote: A.A. Milne)

Noemí & Inga Take England

Hello everyone!

It’s 2 am but tomorrow it’s back to work, so I really want to get this post online before the sun rises! I haven’t been very active on my blog for the past month or so, because I was having the most fabulous time travelling the UK. Guys, your country is gorgeous! Get it? GORGEOUS!

I wrote something small about each of the 22 days in my diary and I’m going to share these thoughts with you over the next couple of weeks in a series called Last But Not Least. I hope that you’re going to enjoy this little project of mine! There’ll be stories of chocolate orgies and ancient castles and adventures in Hogwarts, and a boy even.

For now, though, I’ll just leave a couple of uneditted pictures for you to gape at!

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DSC08023DSC08208 DSC08314 DSC08324 DSC08349 DSC08406 DSC08482 DSC08576

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I hope everyone has had an amazing summer!
Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

My England Reading Lists

It‘s only a bit over a week to go until I visit the country of Harry Potter and Mr. Darcy and little Princess Charlotte, and I can‘t pressure enough how utterly excited I feel about having crumpets and clotted cream for breakfast every morning for almost a month!

My life mostly consists of lists – To-Do lists for the day, Never-Mind lists for the night, Errands-To-Run lists for the week, To-Write lists, To-Call lists, To-Feel-Happy-About lists, To-Read lists – therefore it won‘t come as a surprise to you that I‘m quite well prepared for my journey around the island. The thing is, though, that while I‘m well organised and hardly ever forget to pack something due to my grand lists, I take with me the most ridiculous things; last week I went hiking, and where others packed a second T-shirt or another pair of pants I stuffed a jar of Nutella and a huge pack of Marshmallows into my backpack. Had I checked the News I would have known that fires were prohibited in the entire canton of Grisons, thus making Marshmallows completely unnecessary because I don‘t even like them raw!

But what I can share with you is my book list. My book lists, really. I‘ve read a number of books before embarking on my journey, there is a selection I‘ll want to take with me and of course I‘ll be buying more once I get to a place where they have Waterstone‘s.

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This is, of course, only a rough and rather random selection of literary pleasure. Any old Sherlock Holmes novel will do, and if anyone has more suggestions I‘m really quite open for that, too! And before you ask – yes, Harry Potter will absolutely be with me at all times!

I‘m wishing you all a wonderful rest of summer!
Lots of love from the roots of my heart!