Last But Not Least: Day Six

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We went to Stonehenge today, and I loved it. It‘s a funny feeling, getting excited about stones. But just think, those lifeless junks of rock surpassed the ages of history. All the wars, the storms, the crises, all the malice in the world could not push them from where they are stood.

And just think, all the people that come to visit, so desperate for a little bit of mystery, for the proof of magic. And those unmoving stones just keep standing in a circle, casting shadows and marking the sinking of the sun, they are all the proof some of us need.

Just think, maybe the stones are not special at all, maybe people just made them so. Maybe fairy tales exist for those who believe in them and who are willing to look at things as if they really are magical.
Just think, maybe that is the real power of the stones.

(Quote: J.K. Rowling)


My Wedding Board

About a year ago I discovered the true greatness of Pinterest. Since then I‘ve been pinning recipes, crochet patterns, Christmas gifts, hair styling tips, Doctor Who quotes – and yes, I also have a board called Wedding. I didn‘t call it My Wedding because I know how pretentious it is to have even created it in the first place. I don‘t have a boyfriend and when I think about getting married, the guy waiting for me at the altar is still Harry Potter.

One thing that I have always loved are pretty dresses. I think in my life there has never been a time when I owned more pants than skirts or dresses; in fact, I‘m the kind of person who will buy a new dress for a special occasion even if there‘s one in the wardrobe that‘ll fit perfectly! And I‘m happy to admit that the part that intrigues me most about getting married is being able to dress up! I know it should be about being with the person you love, etc. etc. But promises can get broken and what‘s more, love shouldn‘t need a paper to be true. It‘s just nice to celebrate the love two people feel for each other – and any celebration calls for a nice dress!

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As you have probably grasped from my previous posts, I‘m a big fan of fantasy and Disney movies. You don‘t know how many times I tried reaching Narnia by stepping inside my wardrobe or how many of my stuffed animals I kissed, hoping that they would turn into a handsome prince. I used to talk to books and stare at the night sky, using every shooting star to wish for an invisibility cloak or a faery godmother.

I‘m not as much on a run from reality any more, after all, there‘s great adventures a muggle can have that Harry Potter will miss out on (such as Pinterest!) – but I think lots of girls have this idea of a wedding being a faery tale come to life. We all know it‘s just a lot of stress and money and it‘ll be over in a day – but there seems something so magical about it, having flowers in your hair and walking down the isle in a white floating dress and then you get promised to be loved forever… Maybe it‘s an illusion but that‘s okay for one day of feeling like Peter Pan has finally taken you to Neverland.

I used to be a very gullible child when it came to stories and I think I have moved on just a little since then. But even so, I think the world would be a much brighter place if people believed more in Happily Ever Afters. Let me know if you agree!

I‘m sorry for not being very profound in today‘s post, I just cried watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – don‘t judge me please! Also, have you please seen my awesome as beanie? I love it so much I‘m wearing it around the house!

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Lots of love!