Blogmas (Day 9) – Oh Bother, Little Brother

Part of the reason why I love the Christmas season so much is because there‘s a lot of birthdays to celebrate. Today my baby brother turned 21, he can now legally buy alcohol in the United States. Yuss!

Tobias is one of my favourite people to be around. I think once you‘ve beaten a person up enough times, then all there is left to do is become friends with them. We have stayed up nights on end discussing Doctor Who or watching Harry Potter parodies on Youtube. We once played the Sims together and created a green super smart and incredibly evil baby – actually, I still think that was hilarious of us to do! Not to mention the time we watched Twilight together and commented on the entire movie.


I really don‘t understand people who refuse to get along with their siblings – Tobias can be utterly useless, I swear, but he‘s so much fun to be around most of the time. Unless he‘s being a stinking bugger, that‘s when I suggest him moving off to live on the moon. And stay there. And stink in his own filth. Yeeah!
But other than that, we laugh a lot. I think we‘ve entered that stage where we‘re in our own little Harnickell Universe. There are so many things we can pee ourselves about laughing that outsiders can only shake their heads at. And yes, that even includes our parents and other siblings. That‘s how hardcore the two of us are!


We celebrated as a family at my grandmother‘s house where she had a massive dinner prepared and then stuffed us with dessert – I‘d told her I would bring the birthday cake, yet, somehow, we still ended up with two cakes and some sort of home made strawberry cream. It was so unbelievably delicious and I‘m just so so full now. May you, too, have a grandmother whose cooking is as amazingly glorious as mine‘s. 

The nice thing about having a brother is that I never have to worry about how I look when I leave the house to go out with him. I can put on lipstick or I can leave it. He‘ll always tell me I look fat and ugly. He‘s such a charmer!

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

Blogmas (Day 1) – ‘cuz «Christmas Must Be Something More»

Hello Lovelies!

I just can’t believe it’s December already! It’s the best time of the year; everything’s sparkling and glittering and there’s snow, at least I  hope that there will be! I’m just on my way home from uni now and because they have the coolest warehouse in Fribourg I’ve already been shopping for some Christmas essentials. As you can probably tell, I am seriously excited about the Holiday Season. So to spread the festive cheer I will of course be doing Blogmas this year. Maybe the two people who actually read my blog will remember that I had a hard time keeping it up last year with work and uni and my Honduran host brother staying at my house, so this year there’ll be no Hondurans, and I got myself a partner in crime. Please meet the amazing Anna from Tiny Trinket who will be posting on her blog, so make sure you pay her a visit. She’s a lot more professional than me, so if you’re looking for more than just shaky iPhone uploads and pointless rambling she’s your kinda girl!

To the rambling part then! I love Christmas for all the wrong reasons. I love the snow and I forget about the cold. I love the lights and I forget about the shadows they cast. I cry because there are unhappy children in the world, and then I go and buy stuff from H&M. I worry about our plastic consumption, yet I spend money on lametta. I judge consumerism but I never judge myself. I‘m a complete and utter hypocrite, and I try my best getting my name on Santa‘s Nice list all year, but I keep realising that I‘m just a girl in a silly outfit. 

But yesterday it came to me why Christmas is still important and why I should ramble on for 24 days straight and why I should put up the hand knitted nativity set my mum gave me last year; we had dinner as a family in candle light last night, and I knew Christmas had come because I was with the best people in the whole world and my brother flicked me off which he hadn‘t done in ages, because we never see each other in our busy schedules, and we talked about all the nonsense we usually don‘t talk about because somebody‘s phone is always beeping or something has happened at work. It was just us, and it made me feel whole.

And that‘s Christmas. To have time, to lock out the cold and let in the light. To be safe in somebody‘s company and to make the simplest dinner last for hours.

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

Because my computer is not feeling so festive I can’t link any content. If you want to visit Anna on her blog (please do!), here’s her adress:

My Bucket List

I have recently developed a liking for lists. I‘m listing everything now. From daily routines over groceries to the number of pages I want to read in a day. Of course I also I have a Bucket List. The intention behind this particular list is not essentially getting everything done before I die – although not being dead would be a great advantage! – but rather valuing the little things more. I saw this on Megan‘s blog and really loved the idea; it also went hand in hand with this gorgeous little note that I found on Pinterest:


Isn‘t this wonderful?! Not very ecological, sure, but it‘s so sweet! Let‘s not care about the big things, let‘s do all the things that don‘t matter because in the end they‘re the ones that matter most!

So here goes:

  • Eat Yeast Dumplings at Brasserie
  • Feed the elephants and giraffes at Hagenbeck‘s zoo in Hamburg
  • Write a book
  • Publish a book
  • Guide tourists around in Bern
  • Go to a Passenger concert
  • Visit Disneyland with Anastasia
  • Kiss someone in the rain
  • Do a cupcake decorating class in London
  • Make vanilla cookies with Samantha
  • Spend a weekend in Lübeck
  • Go diving in Utila
  • Found a bookstore
  • Travel around in Iceland
  • Visit Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff
  • Hear The Bookshop Band live
  • Learn Dutch
  • Visit Disneyworld
  • Make my own teddy bear
  • Crochet a unicorn
  • Live vegan for a month
  • Learn Polish
  • Move out
  • Donate my hair for charity
  • Spend a day on a bus
  • Learn Czech
  • Watch Three Gifts for Cinderella in Czech
  • Read all Jane Austen novels
  • Eat cake with Kerstin Gier
  • Read Anna Karenina
  • Visit Cologne Cathedral
  • Learn the Roman numbers
  • Eat an entire jar of Nutella
  • Get on a random train and just see where it takes me
  • Visit the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Learn how to play the O.R.E.O. song on the ukulele
  • Find the Loch-Ness monster
  • Visit Liechtenstein with Samantha
  • Buy a Samovar
  • Have coffee at Sala 33 with Sloany & Kely
  • Visit Pemberly
  • Have my hair cut by someone who doesn‘t speak my language
  • Try Butterbeer
  • Eat scones at Café Martha
  • Watch baby turtles hatch
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Visit Ojojona with Sloany
  • Read The Unlikely Pilgramage of Harald Fry
  • Create a brownie cemetery with Samantha
  • See the Lion King musical
  • Adopt a koala

There will probably be added more lovely points! 🙂 If any of you have a bucket list I’ll be very interested in reading them!

Lots of love!

Easter Goodness!

Hello there! I hope everybody had a lovely Easter!

Just like every year I spent the day at my dad’s house where I’ve been spoilt rotten with food again. My dad and stepmum are massive fans of British food and for Easter Sunday they prepared a traditional English Breakfast with Tomatoes, Bacon, Beans and Eggs. Chocolate bunnies were given out and my stepbrother’s girlfriend brought cake and muffins which, along with the home-made cookies from my stepsister, we devoured happily.

In the morning I even went to church with my aunt, seeeing as she lives in Germany and never goes, except for Easter Sunday when she’s staying with us and my dad holds the service. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not putting on any clothes — not literally of course! –, and I started sneezing as soon as I was sat in the church, and I haven’t stopped since! It’s a good thing it’s Easter break right now. In the later afternoon when everybody had left we just threw ourselves on the couch and watched movies. The weather’s been so bad, we’ve even had the fire going which just adds to the coziness of the holiday.





You see, other than getting fatter and fatter by the hour — or, as my aunt puts it, growing love handles! –, there hasn’t been much going on in my life which, for a change, is just fine by me.

On Thursday my bicycle broke. It reminded me of that same time a year ago when I didn’t have a bicycle because I was in Honduras. And around this time a year ago it was raining hard. Acid rain, they told me. Rain that would not make the flowers bloom and the grass grow. But all I could think of as I was watching it pour in front of the window was the nest where the fledglings had hatched and we had all sat quietly, so we could see their mother feeding them. And it broke my heart, but in a nice way. I also thought of my bicycle and that it was getting wet. It was strange when I realised that I had no bicycle that could get wet. And it made me sad because my bicycle is what connects me with home. Now it broke, and I’m sad again. Because I always had a home and someone to lovingly feed me with everything that I needed. When it’s raining I think of the fledglings that were so dependant on the love of their family to keep them safe. I had to be kept safe so many times and it’s a good thing they saw the fledgling inside me. And it’s just a broken bicycle but even when it’s whole it doesn’t connect me with the home that I was given a year ago. But maybe a heart is much like a bicycle; it has chains and wires and wheels and maybe when it’s mended it can connect with other hearts, so that a home does not feel so far away any more.

Just some reflections..

I wish you all sunny days to come!
Lots of love!

Ps. Look how cute my cat is!

Blogmas: Oh B(r)other!

Today my baby brother has turned 20! That’s weird, I just turned 20. It’s weird because he just was this jealous little bastard. He just beheaded my Barbie dolls. He just locked my room and hid the keys. He just threw his Playstation against the wall. He just cried because our cat was taken to the vet. He just cried because our dad moved out. He just cried because our mum went to work. And he just laughed at the photos I sent to him from New Zealand. He just smiled at the shirt I got for him for Christmas. He just told me that gross joke he didn’t understand himself. He just let me dress him up and put make-up on his face. Just a mere moment ago. And now, he just turned 20. Just high-fived me, just carried me home when I was too drunk to walk, just talked about Doctor Who with me until 4am.


Growing up is just such a strange concept to grasp. Maybe not for our own growing-up, but for the people around us doing it. I used to be glad to spend time away from my brother, now his being around is a reason for me to stay. When I leave it’s always him that I miss. Knowing that someone is saving you a seat is the best thing you can possibly know. Knowing that someone can see right through you, that someone will not let just anything pass, it’s such a comfort. My brother is really okay, I think.

Allerlei 067

One of the best conversations I had with him was when I was telling him about some nerd from school who’d really annoyed me that day. I didn’t even get to that part, because Toby just blurted, “A nerd? That’s so stupid! I mean – a person who likes being smart! Yes, I hate her already! Why would anyone enjoy reading?” Needless to say, I stopped talking at once. He’s the coolest and the weirdest and he probably won’t be bothered to even read this. But he’ll high-five me in the morning before leaving for work and he’ll look for me in my room when he comes back and he’ll shout a Good Night at the wall for me to hear when he goes to bed, and that’s all I’m asking for.


I hope you all have great siblings. It’s good to be friends with them, because even though they can drive you mad, they are still part of your crazy family and maybe the only ones to ever come close to understanding you.

Talk to you soon! Cheers! xxx

Autumn Favourites

It‘s officially autumn! Yaaay! I know it‘s been officially autumn for over a month now, but only now the weather has realised it, too. I love getting all wrapped up in the morning when I leave for uni. I love drinking hot tea and curling up under a blanket to read or watch Doctor Who (I know there‘s other TV shows, but why bother?!). I love the cold air and the sunshine and the red leaves that cover the bycicle track and the icy blue of the river.
When I was in Honduras there were many things that I loved about the country, like the fact that there‘s actual rain forests, but autumn is something that I wouldn‘t want to miss out on. It‘s just so wonderful how everything changes.
Of course just like every other blogger right now I have my personal so called autumn favourites. But I would like to differ just a bit here, because my autumn favourites this year are not limited to autumn. Let‘s call them favourite autumn memories!


I think number one would be hanging out with my niece. She‘s fifteen months now and I get to babysit her more and more now that she‘s gotten used to me again. I‘ve actually stolen a pacifier from my sister to keep at my house. So everytime little Anastasia comes over, I‘m ready! I don‘t really want to blab on about the miracle of life, but having a baby around is really fun. It‘s such a tiny person and everytime I see her she‘s a little bit closer to the lady she‘s some day going to be! I‘m just so bedazzled! On saturday I took her for a walk through the woods – she fell asleep straight away, but everything smelled of autumn and the trees were all red and orange and I had this little human with me that gets the silliest giggles out of me.

My favouritest place to go!

Number two, I‘d have to say hanging out at the Brasserie. It‘s a small café in Bern where I used to go to a lot last autumn when we performed the play about Sophie Scholl that I‘d written. It‘s definitely one of my favourite places. I went there recently with friends to play card games. I remember that it rained and that I kind of worried about my bike getting all wet but that at the same time I kind of didn‘t care. I really missed the Brasserie in Honduras, because of all the happy memories I have of it. Walking in there just means that everything is okay.
Oh, and did I mention that there‘s a demon haunting the bathroom? Yuuup! Sitting right behind you, ready to attack. Or that‘s what it feels like, anyway!


And finally, number three – it‘s birthday season! My mum turned young this October (the perks of having a baby while you‘re still at uni!) and she usually hosts a huge party. I think I have a really cool mum, one that is very annoying at times, but one that also doesn‘t judge me for getting home drunk, having silly boyfriends or failing exams. In return I don‘t judge her for having more pictures of our dog on her phone than she does of her children. No, seriously, she‘s the bestest mum!
Also, a lot of my friends celebrate their birthdays. I made a piñata for the first time in my life (I sooo wanted one in Honduras, but there just wasn‘t enough time… reason to go back!) – guys, only do this for people you really love, because it‘s so much work!
And, oh, it was also my stepmum‘s birthday, but she‘s still waiting for her present and hug. She deserves one, because she makes my dad really happy and I don‘t want her out of my life any more. She‘s not going to read this, I don‘t think. Unless I send it to her. HI ELVIRA!!! Ooh, she‘ll love this!



I‘m so happy to have my patchwork family and my warm Babuschka socks and the ability to play Tichu and that my dog rolls onto her back when I come downstairs and that James Blunt keeps reminding me how beautiful I am and that there‘s tea and that I have friends in Honduras and New Zealand who haven‘t forgotten about me and friends here who put up with me. I‘m happy I manage to put up with me!


Brasserie Lorraine
Quartierstrasse 17,
3013 Bern