Last But Not Least: Day Four

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Ten years ago someone asked me what my favourite part about Winchester was, and I answered, «the catherdral.»

And I still feel mesmerised by this ancient structure that stands there so proudly. The windows were once destroyed and yet, people gathered the broken pieces and rearranged them, a beautiful chaosof of unfitting colours and shapes. The floor is crooked, and do not trust these walls. All those small imperfections that show just how desperately people want to live. How little effect war and destruction have on our need of beauty and light and divinity.

They say that Winchester is the hometown of Camelot.
I believe it.

(Quote: The Sword in the Stone [Disney])

Meet: Deliah

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Deliah in three words: Cosmopolitan, Creative, Impatient
Deliah’s dream dinner party guests: Clint Eastwood, Julie Andrews, Ellen DeGeneres
Deliah’s favourite post: Healthy Living: Chia Pancakes with Fresh Fruit Topping
Deliah reads: Negin Mirsalehi, Food52
(because my computer’s a bit poorly I can’t link anything at the moment. You can find Deliah and Lara on


Deliah and I graduated together from High School in 2013, but lost touch soon after. I knew she was going to be an actress, and when I discovered the blog she keeps with a friend,, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. I met Deliah in early October in Lucerne. Because of a play she was cast in, she returned to Switzerland for the term, thus making it easy to catch up. Of course we gossip all the way to the café we have our hot chocolates in. Who did we keep in touch with? Are these two still dating? Did that guy find a job? The talk evokes a burst of giggles from both our side and it takes a while until I finally get my tablet out and start with my questions.

Deliah and Lara are both completing their Musical Theatre Course in Hamburg and they soon found that very little is known about the Musical world. «When I tell people what I do, they often say, Oh, then you must be a good singer? – It’s a shame, because there is so much more to it than that!» Together the actresses decided to launch a blog where they talk about everything to do with acting and singing. «There is so much to be considered,» Deliah explains. «What food can I eat? What do I pack for tours? Which vitamins are essential? Musical is a serious sport!»

Being an actress holds many big plans in stock for Deliah. In twenty years she hopes to have lived in New York for at least a year and to have been invited to a Broadway Audition. «Being cast in a Broadway show would, of course, be a dream come true. But just being invited for an audition, that would already blow my mind!» Another secret little dream of hers is to study interior design, a little passion Deliah’s has always hoped to one day develop further.

Just as diverse are the plans for Halfway to Broadway. Deliah and Lara burst with ideas to write about. Their readers can look forward to reviews of plays the girls have attended, fashion posts and hair styles to try out. «One thing I would particularly like to write about is about dating an actor or actress. Being in a relationship with someone like us is very different from most other relationships. The other person has to deal with intimacy on stage and the stress of constantly being on the move. It’s not always easy.»

Deliah is very happy in her long-term relation with her boyfriend back in Hamburg. And she is incredibly proud to have pursued her dream. «I’ve been very lucky! But I also believe that we should not let our talents go to waste. If you’re good at something and if it makes you happy, then do it!»

As our time together ends we get off topic and down to business: Disney! «If I could make any fictional character come to life, it would have to be Mary Poppins!» Deliah grins. «She’s super cool – a nanny that’ll jump inside paintings with you? Come on!» But if she had to identify with one Disney character it would be Belle. «But I want Kristoff, not the Beast!» Now, wouldn’t that be a combination!

Deliah walks me back to the main train station later that day and explains her busy schedule at the theatre. I express my admiration for her work, but she just shrugs and says, «Being a professional means getting there on time, being prepared and not taking up everyone else’s time. That’s a quote I’ve taken very much to the heart.»

And as we hug good-bye, I’m sure this will not be the last I’ve seen of Deliah.

Blogmas (Day 6) – Saint Nicholas Day

Hello Lovelies!

Today is one of my favourite days in advent – it‘s Saint Nicholas Day!
Something that I love so much about Christmas is the fact that every country celebrates it just slightly differently. In the U.S. Santa doesn‘t come until December 25th, in Eastern European Countries it‘s the 19th, and in Switzerland it‘s the 6th.


We celebrate this day very thoroughly and with an incredible lot of commission. It is accompanied by the baking of Gritibänze (or Stutenkerl in High German), a type of sweet leavened dough pastry that has the shape of a man. Just this morning I received a picture on Snapchat from my friends‘ flat breakfast – they‘d made penis shaped Gritibänze, but I mean that‘s fair enough, right?

My siblings and I went to my dad‘s house where he and his wive had prepared a wonderful afternoon treat/dinner (I feel really stuffed now!). It was the cosiest event, we had Christmas music playing and the fire was on and my niece was chasing the cat and just so many nice faces to look at. The pastries, of course, were a bit more conventional.

20151206_162829 20151206_162842 20151206_174640

I so love that this days is as exciting for adults as it is for children. My niece must have met Santa Clause at least three times over the course of the weekend (I‘m happy to be corrected), and my dad‘s wife prepares little goodie bags for all of us. My mum got so excited about my set of reindeer antlers that we put them on our poor dog. It just goes to show that you can‘t always keep your inner child shut up (even if the inner babysitter is doing their very best).

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

I haven’t talked to Anna all day, so before I go back to studying I’ll definitely check out what she’s been up to today. As should you! If you’ve never been on her blog before, here’s the adress:

Things I’ll always regret

Everytime I hear Edith Piaf sing «Je ne regrette rieeeeen!» I immediately remember all the things that I regret every single day. Not deep stuff, just things like, I can‘t believe I didn‘t get glasses when I was fifteen! I look so much better wearing those! So, to keep myself from doing a mistake again, I created a list in my diary a while ago (my love for lists is deep!), and today I decided to share it with you. So bear with me!

  • Not using the bathroom before leaving the house
    I always have to pee as soon as I‘m out of any building where they had toilets. I think I must run across the town on an almost daily basis to get to a store where they have free bathroom facilities (it‘s the LOEB Warehouse, in case you‘re wondering. And there‘s always a line) – just because I‘m too stubborn to do it at uni or wherever.
  • Taking a mug of tea to bed
    This already sounds like a terrible idea, yet I never learn. Today I‘ve spilled tea three times, because I constantly place it next to my feet. Smart, huh?
  • Not feeding my cat
    Not that Mr Frodo ever has to starve, but he gets really mean when he’s hungry!
  • Eating TimTam the normal way
    So, a friend recently showed me a video of Carrie Hope Fletcher eating TimTams and I will never stop regretting not having done it her way all my life. So much wasted happiness!

  • Leaving my book at home
    Never, under any circumstance, leave the book you‘re reading at home, because you think you‘re not gonna need it. I‘m taking books to parties, lectures and on hiking trips; there is nothing worse than being bored and not having a book.
  • Joining Instagram
    There’s no turning back, I’m loving it way, way too much!
  • Not telling people how I really feel
    Okay, so there is deep stuff in my diary (and it‘s not just descriptions of the taste of deep fried mars bars!). I don‘t even mean that in an exclusively romantic sense. Telling someone you love them is always the way to go, even if you‘re not in love with them. I‘m always happy to hear that I‘m not just the annoying squeaky person I sometimes see myself as. And I‘m sure others feel the same way.

So, there you go! As far as this goes, I haven‘t actually managed to change at all. Except for the TimTam thing (although, it‘s reason number three for spilling my tea today!). It‘s not a very long list, so I suppose I could just look past it and sing along to Madame Piaf!

Btw, for those of you who are not following me on Facebook, my wonderful friend Inga, who travelled the UK with me, made a gorgeous video montage of our time on the island. It‘s so worth the ten minutes, I promise!

Rien, de rien!

Easter Goodness!

Hello there! I hope everybody had a lovely Easter!

Just like every year I spent the day at my dad’s house where I’ve been spoilt rotten with food again. My dad and stepmum are massive fans of British food and for Easter Sunday they prepared a traditional English Breakfast with Tomatoes, Bacon, Beans and Eggs. Chocolate bunnies were given out and my stepbrother’s girlfriend brought cake and muffins which, along with the home-made cookies from my stepsister, we devoured happily.

In the morning I even went to church with my aunt, seeeing as she lives in Germany and never goes, except for Easter Sunday when she’s staying with us and my dad holds the service. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not putting on any clothes — not literally of course! –, and I started sneezing as soon as I was sat in the church, and I haven’t stopped since! It’s a good thing it’s Easter break right now. In the later afternoon when everybody had left we just threw ourselves on the couch and watched movies. The weather’s been so bad, we’ve even had the fire going which just adds to the coziness of the holiday.





You see, other than getting fatter and fatter by the hour — or, as my aunt puts it, growing love handles! –, there hasn’t been much going on in my life which, for a change, is just fine by me.

On Thursday my bicycle broke. It reminded me of that same time a year ago when I didn’t have a bicycle because I was in Honduras. And around this time a year ago it was raining hard. Acid rain, they told me. Rain that would not make the flowers bloom and the grass grow. But all I could think of as I was watching it pour in front of the window was the nest where the fledglings had hatched and we had all sat quietly, so we could see their mother feeding them. And it broke my heart, but in a nice way. I also thought of my bicycle and that it was getting wet. It was strange when I realised that I had no bicycle that could get wet. And it made me sad because my bicycle is what connects me with home. Now it broke, and I’m sad again. Because I always had a home and someone to lovingly feed me with everything that I needed. When it’s raining I think of the fledglings that were so dependant on the love of their family to keep them safe. I had to be kept safe so many times and it’s a good thing they saw the fledgling inside me. And it’s just a broken bicycle but even when it’s whole it doesn’t connect me with the home that I was given a year ago. But maybe a heart is much like a bicycle; it has chains and wires and wheels and maybe when it’s mended it can connect with other hearts, so that a home does not feel so far away any more.

Just some reflections..

I wish you all sunny days to come!
Lots of love!

Ps. Look how cute my cat is!

At The Norient Music Film Festival

„Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans,“ John Lennon once said. Well, my plans for this weekend mainly included watching Harry Potter and eating cereal. But instead I ended up visiting the Norient Music Film Festival in Bern, and it was amazing! I shouldn‘t sound so surprised, after all a good friend of mine organised it, but I had literally no idea what I was going to see.

The film that I liked the most was probably Jalanan, a documentary about street buskers in Jakarta. Their stories were so touching and real, and the music goes right under your skin; it shows Indonesia‘s capital in a way that makes you see all the corruption and the ugly bits and bobs, but at the same time there‘s so much character to it that I really want to go some day!


There‘s another film, though, that will probably stay with me even longer: Kidd Life. This is a documentary about the Danish hip-hop phenomenon Nicholas Westwood Kidd, known by his stage name KIDD. The film is such an authentic portrait of a boy who literally becomes famous over night, just by uploading a rude music video to YouTube. He‘s shown at his very worst, vomiting into a sink, freaking out about a positive pregnancy test or yelling at his fans; and you get to see him at his best which sadly still isn‘t very good.

But what made me like him is his genuineness. He doesn‘t believe in his own music. When asked he immediately admits that it takes him no longer than ten minutes to write a song and that the lyrics don‘t mean a thing. There is one scene where he‘s wondering out loud why people would be so stupid to listen to his music and how they would even find meaning in it.

It does make you question our society a little bit, doesn‘t it? And by that I don‘t mean that anyone who likes KIDD‘s music should stop listening to it. If people put meaning into his songs it means they can‘t be completely empty, even if the artist himself doesn‘t see that. But what makes me sad is that he‘s seen as a huge artist by so many people. It‘s like offering someone dog poop, saying, „Do you want some dog poop?“, and the other person buys it from you, all excited, and starts calling it art and insulting anyone who‘d point out its true nature! I mean, why do we even put up with real work, why should an artist like Passenger or John Lennon or anyone  put their soul into their writing when people call any sort of crap art?

I really think we should honor KIDD, though. Maybe not because of the greatness of his music, but because at least he‘s honest. I don‘t even mind his music being fake, because he doesn‘t talk it up. At all! It‘s not him I mind, it‘s the people who just don‘t see a poop when it‘s right in front of them.

The Norient Music Film Festival has showed me how very different people can be. Indifferent sometimes, but also wonderful; everyone’s just so different and yet there‘s something linking us all, something that talks to all of us. When it comes to music, I‘m just an average kind of person. I really like my iPod, but I spend a lot of train rides without it. And still I‘m touched by the music all those people I‘ve seen on the screen this weekend make!

Bild 12

And I remember telling myself I would not go out for once (have I told you about my Dead End experience yet?!) or drink (a decision made after the mentioned Dead End experience) or get home after midnight (after last week‘s Dead End experience I was done going out ever again) – yep, suddenly it was 2 am and I was dancing to Islam Chipsy, a Egyptian keyboarder. It was really fun, so in hindsight I‘m actually glad I didn‘t lock myself up with Harry Potter (now, that is a mental picture that can stay, though!). It‘s good to sometimes just say, „Why not!“

I hope that all of your weekends were fun or cozy or delicious or all of those things, I know that mine was!

Lots of love!

Here’s some more trailers if you’re interested. The films were all AMAZING!

Learn more about Norient: Website Facebook Twitter

Blogmas: Curl up with me (Songs for Unproductiveness)

It’s one of those grey sunday afternoons. Not quite rainy, not quite sunny, just sort of cold and foggy. There’s a mountain of homework to do, a room to tidy up, a book to read… then there’s looking at the clouds through the window and eating peanuts and the cookies some lovely person brought to work for me yesterday, there’s staring at the ukulele and thinking of all the songs it is hiding underneath its strings, there’s pulling up the blanket, there’s the everpresent fear buried underneath a soft cloud of comfortable faith. There’s all the things that is a lazy sunday afternoon.

I love those afternoons, and I love having some good music in the background. Today I thought I’d share with you my favourite songs for lying on the carpet with a blanket thrown over and the head stuck in a bowl of chocolate hearts.

The Road to Home by Amy MacDonald

La Pluie by ZAZ

The One by Olly Murs

Into the West by Annie Lennox

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

Song of the Lonely Mountain by Neil Finn

Running through Rivers by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Lost! by Coldplay

Pour la Vie by Patrick Bruël

The Spiritual by Jukebox the Ghost

The Fault in our Stars Song by Troye Sivan

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Enya

Dreaming of Bag End by Howard Shore

Ficus Benjamini by Reinhard Mey

Note to Self by Jake Bugg

Dreams Are More Precious by Enya

Things That Stop You Dreaming by Passenger

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

Carry You Home by James Blunt

Life in a Beautiful Light by Amy MacDonald

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Lady in Black by Uriah Heep

Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon

La Lune by ZAZ

The Way That We Were by Carrie Hope Fletcher

One Toy Soldier by Enya


Have a lovely afternoon!

Are Male Ballet Dancers Gay?

I literally just typed this question into Google. At 11:37pm, because, what the heck, I had to know! I‘ve just come back from a ballet show, hence this somewhat random question.
I went to see Swansea and it was so, so lovely! I was actually very pleasantly surprised – I‘d assumed it would be boring and tiring, but I found myself genuinly entertained throughout the entire evening. Although the fact that my friend and me couldn‘t keep our eyes off the guys‘ thighs did contribute to that!

Now, I am not actually prejudiced about men in the dancing business. I‘ve never given it much thought until I saw them tiptoeing around wearing tights and doing pirouettes. And since my brain can‘t ever not think, I had a constant stream of thoughts running through my head going, „wow, his thighs are really muscly – oh, cute butt! – wow, those thighs – does he walk this gracefully in real life? – he can spin around forever! – oh my, that butt is something – are they all gay? – oooh, thighs! – I bet they‘re gay – yep, definitely like that butt in those tights – must be gay! – thighsthighsthighs!“ Yes, I‘m shallow!
But now I‘ve done my research and from what I‘ve gathered I know now that by far not every ballet dancer is gay. Apparently it has become quite a popular sport, because it is seen as a demanding physical activity – which, looking at those thighs, it is!


Of course this shouldn‘t even have to be a real question. When we see a girl kickboxing, we don‘t automatically assume that she‘s gay either. And I mean apart from that, don‘t we just want a good show? We don‘t question whether those people on the stage are racist or whether they‘ve ever abused a woman or whether they are satanists – because those things don‘t matter to us as long as we don‘t know about them. We just care about being entertained.
In the end, somebody had to play the prince, so if all male ballet dancers were gay, we should be super thankful to them for putting on those leggings and taking the part – because then no straight guy ever would have and I wouldn‘t have had such a splendid evening!

Everybody knows I suck sh** at dancing, but even if it‘s not for me I love the idea of it. And yes, I believe that in our culture it is difficult for a man dance – especially when it comes to ballet – and not to be stereotyped, but that shouldn‘t be a reason for anyone not to do what they love. And also, to all the dancers out there, male or female, straight or gay – I‘m sorry for even asking that question! It‘s not important and you‘re wonderful!

I hope everybody has a nice week, and if you go to a ballet then please tell me how you liked it and if you think that guys in tights are hot! 😉