The Sleepover

So last night, for the first time in ages, I had a sleepover at my place and I realised just how incredibly awesome sleepovers are! When you‘re a child you have to beg your parents to have your friend stay the night and when they finally allow it it‘s so special to be sharing your bed and to show off your pajamas and to hear each other snore, and in the morning you‘re dead tired, but you feel like somebody‘s poured a whole awful lot of glitter into your life! And then you grow up and you stop doing it because it‘s so much easier for everyone to just go home and slip into their own beds. We realise that we need our beauty sleep and that we must not feel too rotten in the morning and that we‘re not children anymore. But maybe we‘re just getting it wrong, maybe we should have way more sleepovers and pajama parties, because we‘re not children any more!

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Samantha and I did the whole thing. First, we went to see Mockingjay – Part II in the theatre, and it was spectacular! We both cried. Then we had tea in my bedroom and we flicked through Tumblr comments on Harry Potter and marvelled about the Beatles, and we stalked Dan Howell on Instagram (because that‘s what you do when you‘re over 20!), and suddenly it was three in the morning.

To finish our little event off, we made brownies this morning and used them to create a brownie graveyard. Looking at it, I can only guess that I‘m going to die off a sugar overdose. As did obviously Voldemort because, kind as we are, we made him a biscuit gravestone. 

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When I was little I used to think that the only reason to ever get a boyfriend would be to have sleepovers every night. And I think, to some degree, this is still how I feel about romance. Because isn‘t it the coolest thing to have someone you can talk to all night and giggle yourself to sleep with?

It‘s only a short post today, but I shouldn‘t be writing at all – exams are coming up in just over a week and I have to get started on some serious vocab learning. Fun stuff.
Why did I choose Polish again?!

Anyway, tonight I‘m meeting up with the lovely Anna from Tiny Trinket to discuss Blogmas, which we‘ll be doing together this year. Look forward to being spammed, and tell me if you‘re blogging excessively during the Christmas season, because I want to read some festive posts!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ps. not gonna lie to you, we’re meant to be – just pure soulmateness (c’mon, look at that pose!)

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Sexy Books: Boys In Books Are Better

I am currently reading three books, two of which are about missionaries in Africa sent there by the Basle Mission. They are just for extended study, because I’m co-writing another play for the Theaterensemble Johannes that we’re going to present next autumn. The other book that I’m reading right now is Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, but I’ve only just started and thirty pages in I don’t have much to say about it.
Buuut I do have some homework for my Polish class tomorrow morning and because I’m the queen of procrastination I felt the urge to write about books instead. Or boys in books since I don’t have a book to write about.
There is a song by Carrie Hope Fletcher called “Boys In Books Are Better” that I listen to all the time, not because it’s so true, but it just makes me really happy everytime I hear it!

I don’t like most of the boys in books, because their cheesyness is so over the top! But here’s to the boys that I actually find dateable in my favourite books:

1.) Sam Roth (Wolves of Mercyfall series by Maggie Stiefvater). OmgIloveSamsooooobloodymuch! Sam is cheesy, but in an authentic  sort of way. He’s a real sweetheart, kind and caring and he has good manners. That, and he’s hot and plays the guitar.

2.) Warden (The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon). I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a healthy thing to be attracted to Warden. But I like the fact that he’s in the resistance movement and trying to protect Paige from harm. I kind of liked him from the beginning – like I said, might not be healthy!

3.) Eragon (Eragon series by Christopher Paolini). I must admit I haven’t even finished book four, because I got a little bored of the story. But I loved books one and two and I loved Eragon. When I was fourteen every story I wrote was about him. He’s sooo innocent and sweet, and please, he has a baby dragon! He faints an awful lot, but with Eragon it’s kind of endearing. Yup, still dying for Eragon!

4.) Peeta (The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins). Peeta is a baker, what other explanation do you need?! No sparkly vampire, no hardcore shadowhunter, no fallen angel, no werewolve – he’s good at decorating cakes! Yess!

5.) Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen). That’s a cliché, but I feel like you just have to love him. I couldn’t even point my finger at as to why, my heart just melts everytime I read the book or watch the movie. DarcyDarcyDarcyDarcy!!

Actually, I’m not sure boys in books are that much better than boys in real life. If we met a Mr. Darcy we just wouldn’t recognise him at first sight because he’d seem arrogant. If we found a boy having fun with cakes we’d automatically assume he’s gay. And, well, I haven’t really met a guy like Sam. I should probably add that Maggie Stiefvater makes me fall for every male character she writes. They seem to make really amazing boyfriends!
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that boys in books can be brilliant, but there’s probably someone out there who –as Carrie points out– “is looking for a girl like Bella Swan”. But then again, I’m writing about my love for fictional characters here, so what good is my dating advice! Just, you know, don’t think that Mr. Darcy doesn’t exist outside the book covers. You might just have to take a closer look. 🙂

Oooohh, also my copy of Blue Lily, Lily Blue just arrived two days ago and I can’t wait to read it! I feel like it’s glowing everytime I look at it lying on my bookshelf!

Take care for now!
Cheers! xxx