My New Year’s Revolution

This is a poem I wrote some time ago. It’s still a bit rough around the edges but I decided I’d share it anyway.

Everyone is talking of resolutions, but I think
Next year I am going to have a revolution.
I don’t plan to overthrow the government
Or to demonstrate in discontent.
And I won’t consider what it meant
That Trump became a president.
Instead I am going to revolutionise my own heart
And bring myself a fresh new start.

Because instead of resolutions
I will have a revolution.

I will read all the books I bought
So long ago somewhere abroad.
Finally I’ll fight alongside Enjolras,
and Marius and Jean Valjean.
I’ll have a Russian winter with a doctor called Shivago
And I’ll hang with Harry Potter (like I did ten years ago).
I will read only what delights me
I will find joy in the pages that find me.

Because instead of resolutions
I will have a revolution.

I will work, I will give it all I’ve got
I will give my best and take a shot.
But I will not give more than that
This time I will not drive myself so mad.
Just this once, for one year only
I will be ME so wholly.
Just this once, I will lean back.
Just this once, I’ve got my back.

Because instead of resolutions
I will have a revolution.

My own greatest oppressor am I myself.
The dictator of me could be no one else.
But I want to overthrow this government
And demonstrate in discontent.
And I will not be afraid
Of life and love and the things I said.
I will do what makes me smile
I will leave what has made me cry.
I am going to revolutionise my own heart
And bring myself a fresh new start.

Because instead of resolutions
I will have a revolution.




New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I hope you have all had a blast last night! I’m just on my way home from lovely Salzburg where I stayed the last couple of days and I’m soon going to give you an update of my favourite cafés and bookshops!

We spent New Year’s Eve all cuddled up on our bed in the hotel room, watching an Elton John concert and eating chocolate (LOTS of chocolate), then we made our way to the Residenz Square and danced to Udo Jürgens and drank Prosecco and watched the fireworks, then I couldn’t feel my toes any more AT ALL, so we finally made our way back to the hotel and watched reruns of The Big Bang Theory until we fell asleep. It’s been nice to have a quiet and easy start into the new year, especially considering all the past years. All those nights that consisted of drinking and staying up and being young and free — to just for once be able to lie underneath a blanket with my dress still on at 1pm felt liberating!




Without my noticing an entire year has slipped past and already I can say that one year ago I posted my first blog post on here! I think I’m just now getting the hang of it all. Blogging is an amazing experience and I’m really grateful to all the people who have been commenting or liking my posts, not to mention all the bloggerswho have sent me messages or agreed to be my ”new best friend”!

So, as I did last year, I think I should start the year off with my new year’s resolutions. There’s a few that pop into my mind straight away like, ‘have one meal a day that doesn’t consist almost entirely of sugar’ (yeah, right) or ‘don’t kiss boys that already have a girlfriend’ (although they usually don’t mention that — in that case, ‘stay away from boys who don’t mention their girlfriends’!) or ‘get homework done before it is due’ (rather than after)! Another resolution might be to stop putting things on the internet that will stop my neighbours from letting me babysit their children!
Anyway, I managed to come up with a few resolutions that might actually help me make a change in my future!

  • Get a job! (And then, who knows, maybe move out, maybe go back to Honduras, maybe employ Benedict Cumberbatch as pool boy…!)
  • Think less. Seriously, I think and think and over think and I come to absurd conclusions and then I end up making the sort of decisions only a lunatic would approve of! It’s like my brain is so wired that when it comes to actual, serious thinking it just stops. Maybe if I could stop worrying about every little thing and just be confident about the outcome of things, my brain might be able to focus again!
  • Be meaner. I am the world’s nicest person, and maybe that doesn’t need to stay like that. Maybe I can just get upset about people for once, maybe if they are too lazy to get something done I don’t have to do it for them, maybe every once in a while I can be selfish and happy and no one will hate me for it. Maybe.

 We’ll see how it all works out! What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you even have any?
I hope everybody’s year has been as full of bliss as mine, and I wish you all the stardust and faery glitter and unicorn poop you can possibly get for this year to come!

Lots of love!

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