Shit I Bought in London

Last week I was fortunate enough to visit London again. I went with my gorgeous friend Anna who you can find on her blog: It‘s a lovely little internet niche and you should totes have a look!


Because we have both visited England‘s capital a bunch of times we did hardly any sightseeing. Instead we drank lots of tea, ate cupcakes, went for strolls and got stuck in the shops. I‘m not much of a shopper when it comes to clothes, shoes and handbags. So when Anna tried on coats and blouses I checked out Primark‘s sock section; we went inside Topshop three times, but to even things out I dragged Anna to the Disney Store. So, as you can guess, most of the stuff I bought is utterly useless and unnecessary – but I just felt the physical need to stuff my suitcase with all the overpriced rubbish I could possibly find. Not. Regretting. Anything.

Princess Leia Mug


I can‘t even begin to tell you just how excited I am about this mug! I mean, just look at the buns! Aren‘t they fabulous?!

Giant Crumpets


I also bought regular ones, of course, but I could not resist the temptation of one massive chunk of happiness!

The Iron Trial (by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black)


It was raining and we found shelter inside a Waterstones store, and oops-a-daisy I ended up buying a shitty YA Harry Potter rip-off with a romance twist, and I‘m really looking forward to reading it!

Harry Potter Jandals


Looking back, I seriously can‘t remember why I bought these. I suppose I saw them and just held on to them without even checking the size.



Did I mention my love for crumpets? And check out this hamster, he‘s a real hero!

William & Kate Mug


Strictly speaking this is some Shit-I-bought-in-Brighton-last-summer item, but it‘s terrible enough to get a mention here. I pretty much just scanned all the souvenir shops for the most dreadful mug and then bought it for myself. I greatly enjoy drinking out of it, though. It gives me a sensation of roalty.



I have this very weird obsession with socks. I buy socks whenever I‘m bored because I have to wait for a train or someone is late meeting me. At least they keep my feet warm, so they are not completely useless.

Rapunzel Plush Doll


Another weird thing I do is collect plushy Disney Princess dolls. Basically, everytime someone I know goes somewhere they have a Disney Store they have to bring me back one of these dolls.

Aluminium Foil


There are cats on this foil. Sandwiches will never taste the same again!

Hummingbird Bakery Cupcake


I am a massive fan of the Hummingbird Bakery. I own two of their books, they make beautiful cupcakes and cakes and all other sorts of edible things. So naturally, when we passed one of their stores I had to go inside and treat myself. I bought their Blackbottom Cupcake which, technically, was absolutely delicious. But because we‘d just had a big lunch fifteen minutes before I was still stuffed. So for a day and a half I carried around a half eaten cupcake in the hope to eventually finishing it. Which I did, but by that time it was squashed.

I‘m going to end this list here, mainly because I do not want to appear like some weirdo who can‘t control herself. But also because I‘m stuck with the flu and looking at a screen for too long makes me all dizzy. I hope everyone‘s been having a lovely weekend!

Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

Ps. I ALMOST FORGOT! Remember how I went to Hannover a little while ago? Well, Inga made a small video (because she is that awesome) and that‘s my sole reason for creating a Youtube channel, so if you have three minutes to spare have a look at it!

Blogmas (Day 20) – Christmas in Godric’s Hollow

So, I have been thinking, you know, I collect the plushy Disney Princesses, right? Is there a Leia one? Does she count as a Disney Princess yet? Oh, the questions that haunt a student‘s mind!

Moving on! I‘ve just come home from a Harry Potter marathon at a friend‘s house (yes, we‘re staying on the geek road), and can I just repeat how utterly amazing Harry Potter is! We watched the last two films which I had last seen in the theatre. My friend has neither read the books nor seen the final movie, so she had no idea who was going to die and how the saga was going to end. That‘s, like, not knowing who won World War II! But she did an excellent job, she laughed at all the right puns and cried in the right moments. We were both hugging our part of the blanket when we got to the end of Part II, and just gasping for air.


One of my favourite parts is when Harry and Hermione visit Godric‘s Hollow together where Harry was born and where his parents were killed. It‘s Christmas Eve and they stand at the grave of Harry‘s parents, and it‘s sad, but I just feel so much watching this. This is Harry who has been neglected by his family throughout his entire childhood, who‘s had to live with the legacy of being a war orphan, alive only by his mother‘s sacrifice. This is the closest he ever got to his parents in his adult life, and maybe just for a second he reflects on what could have been if they had survived. It may be a sad Christmas scene, but I think that this is essentially also where Harry gathers new hope. He was brought into the world being loved and he understands what this is worth in a world of hate.

Bild 72

I know it‘s heart wrenching but this is just a boy who misses his parents and a lifetime of happiness he was refused when he was younger. And if we can‘t allow our hearts to be wrenched at Christmas, then when can we? I love this scene, especially considering how happy Harry is 19 years later. When they all stand on Platform 9 3/4 he is giving his children what he never had and he certainly does not wish to be dead. He finds his peace and I find that very reassuring.


Now I really need to hit the hay or else I‘ll be pretty damn dead at work tomorrow!
Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

Blogmas (Day 18) – May the Force be with You

Tadatadaaaaaaaa Taaa! Tadadataaaaataa! Tadadataaaa Taaaaa! Tadaddataaaa!

Folks, we have a problem. I’m supposed to be writing about a jolly Christmas memory, but I have just seen the new Star Wars movie and it was so spectacular that I won’t be able to talk about much else for the next months. So, I’ll just be cheating and make this my favourite Christmas Memory… does that count? Just a little? I don’t want to spoil the film for anybody, but I really need to discuss this shit right now or I’ll burst. 


First off, for a Disney movie a crap load of people die. What’s that all about? I got no warning whatsoever when I went to Disneyland last summer!

Then, let us all appreciate the fabulous volume of Ben Solo’s hair. What conditioner’s he using? And is it only available in a Galaxy Far Far Away or can I order it online? Because, seriously, he looks glorious!


Talking of Ben Solo, Han and Leia really suck at parenting. My parents raised us with their Laissez-Faire policy, and my siblings and I have never been tempted to blow up any solar systems. And Han and Leia really only have one child, why didn’t they just spoil him rotten and got him every stupid toy he wanted before he snapped?

And then, can someone please explain why everybody’s so trusting? «Hey, I’m a Stormtrooper and I hate my job!» – «Sure! Nice to meet you!» How does Poe know Finn wasn’t a lying Stormtrooper? How?

Also, why are the Dark Side’s vessels always so ill maintained (hello! you can physically lift up the floor by hand!), yet the Millennium Falcon works effortlessly after having been neglected for years?!

All of that aside – OMG HOW PRETTY IS DAISY RIDLEY! I loved her from the very first moment, she is one super protagonist, and where can I get her action figure, please?!


As you can probably gather, I was absolutely smitten by the cinematic spectacle I just witnessed. The theatre was filled with devoted Star Wars fans who started shushing everybody even before the film had actually started, and they clapped once the end credits started rolling, and Harrison Ford is still hot, and I cried a little at the beginning when the theme music came on. 

In short: Go see Star Wars VII, because it is life changing!
Lots of love from the roots of my heart!

Don’t forget to say hi to Anna who is not a Star Wars fan and still sat through the entire movie with me! You find her on

Blogmas (Day 17) – «Just a Girl in a Silly Outfit»

Hello Lovelies!

In my first Blogmas post this year I stated that I’m «just a girl in a silly outfit.» And it’s so so true. I have a terrible fashion sense and most days I care very little about what people might think of my attire. Of course, I have a limit, too, but yeah. The two things I adore most in the world are dresses or skirts and cute socks. Seriously, whenever I am bored I go to H&M and buy a new pair of socks. I’d probably look in the Mirror of Erised and see myself covered in socks. It’s that bad.

And dresses. *Sigh.* I have quite the collection of ridiculous dresses and skirts, and one of my absolute favourites is a knitted Christmas themed skirt that my mum hates beyond anything. But I just love it so much!


Just look at all the cute embroidery shit there is to this amazing piece of clothing! Reindeers, snowflakes, stars… so many Christmas feels right there!

IMG_20151217_225259 The socks don’t combine, but they are so fluffy and I got them for my birthday. Let it happen.


So I tried getting a picture of how I combined this super amazing skirt, but I’m home alone, so bear with me. I’m so sorry for the incredibly bad photography, I know it’s blurry and the light is all bad, blah blah blah. I’m not a beauty blogger, okay? I just wanted to show off my skirt. Please celebrate its awesomeness with me.


Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

Pleeeeaaase also visit my friend Anna on her blog on She is my gorgeous partner in crime this Christmas season, so give her some love and a cuddle and possibly a follow. 

Blogmas (Day 9) – Oh Bother, Little Brother

Part of the reason why I love the Christmas season so much is because there‘s a lot of birthdays to celebrate. Today my baby brother turned 21, he can now legally buy alcohol in the United States. Yuss!

Tobias is one of my favourite people to be around. I think once you‘ve beaten a person up enough times, then all there is left to do is become friends with them. We have stayed up nights on end discussing Doctor Who or watching Harry Potter parodies on Youtube. We once played the Sims together and created a green super smart and incredibly evil baby – actually, I still think that was hilarious of us to do! Not to mention the time we watched Twilight together and commented on the entire movie.


I really don‘t understand people who refuse to get along with their siblings – Tobias can be utterly useless, I swear, but he‘s so much fun to be around most of the time. Unless he‘s being a stinking bugger, that‘s when I suggest him moving off to live on the moon. And stay there. And stink in his own filth. Yeeah!
But other than that, we laugh a lot. I think we‘ve entered that stage where we‘re in our own little Harnickell Universe. There are so many things we can pee ourselves about laughing that outsiders can only shake their heads at. And yes, that even includes our parents and other siblings. That‘s how hardcore the two of us are!


We celebrated as a family at my grandmother‘s house where she had a massive dinner prepared and then stuffed us with dessert – I‘d told her I would bring the birthday cake, yet, somehow, we still ended up with two cakes and some sort of home made strawberry cream. It was so unbelievably delicious and I‘m just so so full now. May you, too, have a grandmother whose cooking is as amazingly glorious as mine‘s. 

The nice thing about having a brother is that I never have to worry about how I look when I leave the house to go out with him. I can put on lipstick or I can leave it. He‘ll always tell me I look fat and ugly. He‘s such a charmer!

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

Blogmas: I’ve Never Seen The Matterhorn!

 The strangest thing for me to understand is that a big part of the world population has never seen snow. Never having seen snow does not just mean never having seen frozen water. It means never having woken up to a winter wonderland, it means never having felt a snowflake dissolve on your skin, it means never having been even hoping for a white Christmas (not that I am this year!). Never having seen snow is very sad. Maybe it’s a bit how I feel about never having seen the Northern Lights. Do people wake up in the morning and squeal with delight because of them? Or is it just, you know, a light in the sky that’s there all year? It’s not as if I care too much, because I’ve never had a life with the Northern Lights in it, but yes, sometimes it makes me a bit sad that they don’t extend to my country.


Yesterday my Honduran host brother arrived in Switzerland, and seeing snow was on the top of his bucket list – after all, what is Switzerland without snow?! So I took him.
Two hours away we found it (he was delighted) and we also found the Matterhorn, a famous Swiss mountain. It’s not that astonishing that we found it, considering that we went to Zermatt with the sole purpose of seeing it – and the snow! And now is my ime to confess: I’ve never consciously seen that mountain before! It’s so gorgeous! It has it’s own chocolate – that’s how beautiful this mountain is! Eating Toblerone will never be the same again.

I’m not a very patriotic person. I have lived in New Zealand where I could see the Milky Way and I have lived in Honduras where I could hardly see the stars at all. And I have lived in Switzerland where you get some stars, but if you’re lucky you always get snow and you have those mountains that can take your breath away if you just look. It makes me glad to be alive!


Wishing you all the best!

Autumn Favourites

It‘s officially autumn! Yaaay! I know it‘s been officially autumn for over a month now, but only now the weather has realised it, too. I love getting all wrapped up in the morning when I leave for uni. I love drinking hot tea and curling up under a blanket to read or watch Doctor Who (I know there‘s other TV shows, but why bother?!). I love the cold air and the sunshine and the red leaves that cover the bycicle track and the icy blue of the river.
When I was in Honduras there were many things that I loved about the country, like the fact that there‘s actual rain forests, but autumn is something that I wouldn‘t want to miss out on. It‘s just so wonderful how everything changes.
Of course just like every other blogger right now I have my personal so called autumn favourites. But I would like to differ just a bit here, because my autumn favourites this year are not limited to autumn. Let‘s call them favourite autumn memories!


I think number one would be hanging out with my niece. She‘s fifteen months now and I get to babysit her more and more now that she‘s gotten used to me again. I‘ve actually stolen a pacifier from my sister to keep at my house. So everytime little Anastasia comes over, I‘m ready! I don‘t really want to blab on about the miracle of life, but having a baby around is really fun. It‘s such a tiny person and everytime I see her she‘s a little bit closer to the lady she‘s some day going to be! I‘m just so bedazzled! On saturday I took her for a walk through the woods – she fell asleep straight away, but everything smelled of autumn and the trees were all red and orange and I had this little human with me that gets the silliest giggles out of me.

My favouritest place to go!

Number two, I‘d have to say hanging out at the Brasserie. It‘s a small café in Bern where I used to go to a lot last autumn when we performed the play about Sophie Scholl that I‘d written. It‘s definitely one of my favourite places. I went there recently with friends to play card games. I remember that it rained and that I kind of worried about my bike getting all wet but that at the same time I kind of didn‘t care. I really missed the Brasserie in Honduras, because of all the happy memories I have of it. Walking in there just means that everything is okay.
Oh, and did I mention that there‘s a demon haunting the bathroom? Yuuup! Sitting right behind you, ready to attack. Or that‘s what it feels like, anyway!


And finally, number three – it‘s birthday season! My mum turned young this October (the perks of having a baby while you‘re still at uni!) and she usually hosts a huge party. I think I have a really cool mum, one that is very annoying at times, but one that also doesn‘t judge me for getting home drunk, having silly boyfriends or failing exams. In return I don‘t judge her for having more pictures of our dog on her phone than she does of her children. No, seriously, she‘s the bestest mum!
Also, a lot of my friends celebrate their birthdays. I made a piñata for the first time in my life (I sooo wanted one in Honduras, but there just wasn‘t enough time… reason to go back!) – guys, only do this for people you really love, because it‘s so much work!
And, oh, it was also my stepmum‘s birthday, but she‘s still waiting for her present and hug. She deserves one, because she makes my dad really happy and I don‘t want her out of my life any more. She‘s not going to read this, I don‘t think. Unless I send it to her. HI ELVIRA!!! Ooh, she‘ll love this!



I‘m so happy to have my patchwork family and my warm Babuschka socks and the ability to play Tichu and that my dog rolls onto her back when I come downstairs and that James Blunt keeps reminding me how beautiful I am and that there‘s tea and that I have friends in Honduras and New Zealand who haven‘t forgotten about me and friends here who put up with me. I‘m happy I manage to put up with me!


Brasserie Lorraine
Quartierstrasse 17,
3013 Bern

Crazy Cat Lady or What Am I Doing With My Life?

Everyone has a picture of how they see themselves at a certain stage of their lives. Sometimes of course those pictures change – although I don‘t see how anyone ever stops wanting to be a Disney Princess! – and some pictures stay with us. For a really long time I wanted to be a teacher. Then I fell in love with Orlando Bloom when I started being a teenager, and I wanted to become an actress. When I finished Secondary School I settled for writing. When we think ahead we always see ourselves somewhere ideal. Maybe with a family in a big house or living somewhere abroad hunting kangaroohs or doing surgery on people‘s hearts. But getting there can be quite a scary process. Once you finish school there‘s always the big question of What Now? Becoming a teacher really seems quite straight forward, but do you really want to go to uni straight away? Wouldn‘t it be good to go on the safari you‘ve always dreamed of? Shouldn‘t you go on a couple of dates before you start working for good? Isn‘t there a way of figuring out who you really are? Days of lying around on your bedroom floor, just trying to figure out what you want out of life right this moment, listening to one song over and over again while flipping through the pages of a travel magazine…
But really, we stress ourselves way too much over these things. Dreams don‘t go up in flames if you put them on hold – whoever said that you had to be a human rights lawyer before you‘re twenty-seven? The world holds an infinite number of possibilities and we are able to do whatever we want to.


To me the only thing that really matters is me being happy. I love writing and maybe some day I‘ll do it for a living. And maybe the plays I write are the only things that will ever be published. But what‘s important is that we don‘t define our happiness over the pictures in our heads. Pictures can change and sometimes they do for the better.
When I think way ahead I always imagine myself as a crazy old cat lady. It‘s not very ambitious but it seems peaceful and kittens are cuddly. I‘d drink tea all day long and I‘d knit funny socks for my grand children and I‘d rewatch Doctor Who.
I know life probably isn‘t going to be like that in seventy years (being optimistic here), but we need this picture inside us to get by. Maybe you‘re lying around moping right now, but as long as you have some idea of where you want to get you‘re not going to be stuck forever.


I'm just gonnahave a bunch of 'em
I’m just gonna have a bunch of ’em

You may not have the potential to change the entire world, to bring world peace or to find cancer treatment – but you have the potential to live your life and to go where you want to. You may not get there tomorrow, but you‘ll get there eventually and life will make a little more sense!

Watsky Spat In My Eye!

20141002_192208About a week ago my brother took me to George Watsky‘s live show in Zürich. To my shame I have to admit that even though I spend an embarrassing amount of time on Youtube, I did not know anything about Watsky. And to be really honest, when Toby made me listen to it (Watsky‘s music; I know Watsky is not a thing! Well… I think he‘s not a thing!) on the train to the concert I didn‘t even like what I heard that much.
I really liked his fans though. Mainly because they were underage nerds who looked like they hadn‘t been out of their caves in a looong time! But jokes aside, nerds are cool. They get excited about stuff and they have their own candy. Also, they are usually super nice people.

The show started off with a supporting act called The LaFontaines, a scottisch band that played for an hour. I didn‘t know them either, but they had such a lovely scottish accent that I probably wouldn‘t have minded listening to them for the rest of the concert. Especially because the bass player tended to turn around and bend over a lot. What a sweet bum he had!

The LaFontaines
The LaFontaines

They rocked! Not what I can say about the second supporting act, Jackson Paak. I didn‘t understand who he was and what he was doing on stage after such a great warm-up. Not that he deliberately sucked, he really wasn‘t bad. I‘d say he just needs his own concerts rather than just being the guy who fills in the gap if Watsky isn‘t ready to perform yet.

Oh, Watsky. There is always this moment at every concert when the singer enters the stage. Before that you stand around, trying not to feel your legs so much, it‘s sweaty, it‘s kind of exciting and it kind of stinks. But then this one person appears and it‘s like the room is a very different one. And Watsky, oh, he owned the stage in no time at all. They love him. His fans simply love him, there is no other way to describe it.
Yeah, Watsky is loveable I suppose. I mean he‘s skinny and geeky and I just wanted to ruffle his hair all night long. Some great hair that boy has!

Anyway, he was amazing apart from his looks! Now, I don‘t usually like rap music, but the reason why I did enjoy Watsky is that what he does simply can‘t be described as rap or hip hop. In fact, it‘s fantastic literature read in a funny way. Seriously, have a look at this:

And the time I spent, I can finally look up and see blue and a manatee. I love manatees. I no longer have the fear of facing life. That doesn’t make me jesus, because I can’t turn water into wine. I’m better than Jesus. I can turn water into kool aid. Stop nodding away, don’t fall asleep yet. Contrary to popular belief, that’s not where dreams get accomplished...” 

This is just… WOW!

There was this minor throwback when Watsky spat in my eye and another one where he tried stage diving and rubbed off his sweat on my hands. I know I shouldn‘t be grossed out since I‘m the one who constantly talks about poo, but then again, I don‘t actually enjoy foreign body liquids on me! And around the same time some crazy chick kept bumping into me to get my spot (it was the best!); she must have suddenly become super eager to take out her breasts or something, because she kept getting more and more violent. Why would people do this? God, just try and be on time – that‘s how you get a place to stand!
Maybe I shouldn‘t talk. We met The LaFontaines later on and I managed to spill their beer all over their CDs and thus didn‘t ask them how much they liked Peter Capaldi and his also Scottish accent. I did buy a CD. I am nice! Maybe it‘s a good thing we didn‘t wait for Watsky himself. He and I did get pretty far after all – usually if I want a guy‘s spit on my face I have to go down a different road!

So, yup! Watsky is the shit. So am I. So are you. And I‘m just babbling on!

Have a great week everyone and take care!


Day 42 — Poo: An Epiphany

The Honduran idea of milk
The Honduran idea of milk

There are certain things in life that will always find their way to the outside – the truth, love, digested beans… well, the truth is that my digested beans are far too willing to leave my system! Umm… too much information, you say? I should just have put that in my diary, you say? I did, but I told you, some things just need to get out!
According to Lonely Planet this phenomenon is called „Traveller‘s Diarrhea“ an can be caused by various factors such as jetlag, stress, bad food, powdered milk (fair enough, Lonely Planet doesn‘t mention this one, but they might as well!) … to put it short: Honduras can be pretty shit (not that shit is ever pretty…!)!


Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the food. I love the Honduran cuisine, the beans, the tortillas, the fresh fruits… In fact, I love it so much that I was recently reminded I would soon be a „gordita“ (that‘s how nice they are here)! But I guess it‘s a matter of unrequited love – the food does seem rather eager to leave as quickly as possible!

And then there‘s the stress factor. I have been living in this peculiar country for a month now and yet, there‘s still things that freak me out. Taking the public transport is one of them. The bus I have to take to get from my house to Chiminike is called Rapidito. It is very small and there are three things to consider:

  1. There are no such things as bus stops in Tegucigalpa. I just stand by the side of the street and wave frantically at a bus.
  2. The bus hardly stops. It merely slows down and I jump on.
  3. No such things as bus stops – when I need to get off I shout, pay and jump off.
Improvised bus stop
Improvised bus stop (© by Victoria Särnhult)
Traffic in Tegicigalpa
Traffic in Tegicigalpa (© by Victoria Särnhult)

I‘m Swiss. I‘m used to public transportation that is, well, Swiss! How can this not be stressful for me?
But I‘m really adjusting now. I‘m even going as far as jumping on any Rapidito and hoping it somehow goes in the right direction (I do that whilst wondering why the heck I‘m doing this to myself). Of course I really miss Jesua, my host brother, at times. He left for the UK last week and it was so nice having a personal driver (to be fair, it was nice having him around anyway)!
Tryg, my Icelandic friend, was actually robbed in one of the bigger buses last week. According to him, though, the robbers were –and I‘m quoting– „really nice“! Yeah, I suppose the fact that they gave him back his ID and his credit card kind of makes you forget about the knife they had pulled. But still, it‘s crap (how very fitting!) and „who robs people on Valentine‘s Day?!“

When I told people that the Swiss are very cold compared to the compassionate Hondurans they used to shake their head at me – that was until word got out that the Swiss don‘t actually celebrate Valentine‘s Day! How dare a country doesn‘t acknowledge the day of love! Here they are very generous when it comes to throwing around pink balloons and roses and teddy bears. Of course Chiminike was no exception. The staff room was full of balloons and little notes of love.

Valentine's Day in Chiminike
Valentine’s Day in Chiminike

And that brings me to my next point, namely the fact that I absolutely love my project. It‘s a blessing to work atDSC03687 Chiminike! I love working with the kids, seeing them trying to understand the world is downright beautiful. There is a genuinity to them that can not be found in grown ups. Last week we had several groups of mentally and physically handicapped children which was a first for me. But it takes no time at all to realize there is no point in fussing over their disabilities. What I figured is that they are no different from everyone else. They like pizza and football and they enjoy being in Chiminike as much as anybody could.
I‘m not sure I‘m helping so much at Chiminike, I get the feeling that Chiminike rather helps me instead!

So, now that everything‘s out (my beans, Tryg‘s money…), there is only one question to answer: why are there no toilet brushes? Why would they produce powdered milk but no toilet brushes? Where is the logic in that?
Honduras is a funny place to live and ever so often I live after the simple rule, don‘t ask, just accept.