Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey there fellow bloggers, how’s it going? I have been nominated by Faith from Sublime Reads for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you very much! 🙂 I got to answer a bunch of amazing questions, and I pray you don’t find the answers too disturbing (they may be a little. it’s what you want. let it happen).


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions you were asked
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers
  • Ask the nominees 11 questions

Here we go:

1. Congratulations! Thanks to Voldemort, you now somehow permanently look exactly like him. You’re forced into writing him a Thank You card. What does it say?

To his excellency, The Man Who Let The Boy Live. The Dark Lord. Our Evil Master.

Thank you, good Sir, for giving me that precious face of yours. I will admit that it is indeed not what I have been dreaming of all throughout my teenage years when I desperately wanted to be a princess. But having your face and accepting it as my own has truly given my life a new significance and made me realise that you, evilest of evil, are not all that different from a princess. I found your tiara, and it‘s pretty. But, oh Lord, riddle me this: where do you buy your fabulous robes? And do you reckon they would have them in pink as well, as to match the tiara?

Cheers, Volders! I am indepted to you forevermore! xoxo

2. What does the air currently smell like where you are? Describe it while fitting in the word “hairy” somewhere along the way.

It smellls of English Breakfast Tea and my cat‘s body odour and the delicious shampoo I put on my hairy sculp this morning.

3. What are 3 things that make you laugh?

1: Recently my friend Nadine has been making me laugh by repeatedly telling me of her shopping experience at a clothing store called Ciolina (it was as magical as it was disturbing).
2: Princess Consuela Bananahammock. (Need I say more?)
3: My brothaa! We‘re really funny but I‘m starting to think that we‘re the only ones feeling it. Which, you know, is even more fun.

4. If you were a son/daughter of ___________ at Camp Half Blood, what kind of pranks would you pull? (If you’re somehow living under the Earth’s tectonic plates and you’re unfamiliar with Camp Half Blood, tell us your thoughts about the Percy Jackson books even if you haven’t read them.)

Yeah, look, sadly and much to my shame I have NEVER read or seen Percy Jackson. I‘ve been meaning to for the past five years, and I am getting really desperate to find out who Anabeth is (that‘s her name, right? There‘s a thing called Percybeth, am I right?!) and to dive into the depth of this fandom; maybe I‘ll start reading it when I‘m a hundred something and ready to say good-bye to life anyway. On second thought, maybe I‘ll start this summer.


5. Type as much as you can about one of these topics: your life/your first impression of blobfish/the first thing that comes into your mind in 6 seconds. Keep in the grammar & spelling mistakes and show us what you’ve got!

omg is that donald trump nakef

*do I literally type this slowly?! I had so many more thoughts to share on blobfish!*

6. Share your favourite joke.

What do you call a black person flying a plane? – A pilot, you racist!

7. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind right now? It can be anything! Here, I’ll give you 3 seconds… great! Whatever you thought of is now related to how your favourite villain or most despised character had died – write about it.

Grapefruit! Don‘t ask me why. And of course Dolores Umbridge loves a bitter old grapefruit with its pink interior matching her own pink costumes. She consumes all the bitterness of this fruit, and thrives on it. J.K. never talks about it in the books, but when whenever she‘s alone in her office she stuffs herself with grapefruits and it makes her evil and happy, and she even convinces Voldemort to try a grapefruit diet, and they live happily ever after (until he dies and she chokes on her own medicine). The End.

8. Try to fit in as many stereotypes about your own country as you can while talking about books.

One of my favourite books is The Lord of the Rings, and I especially love the part where they walk through the mountains and Legolas casually walks on the snow while everyone else is kinda stuck in it. And you know how all the way to Mordor those guys just keep yodelling? (I‘m sure that‘s what it sounded like!) My other fave is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where the kids are forced by the school nurse to eat chocolate! And not to mention Heidi! If you‘ve never read that book you have failed in your literary life because that story may be cheesy, but it will reduce you to tears and tear your soul apart!

9. Tell me, what did Shakespeare shake? Bonus: If you can, quote something from Shakespeare from the top of your head.

He shook some mad grapefruit juice for Umbridge to shut her up, and he shouted happily: «The rest is silence!»

10.  Are you left-handed or right-handed or ambidextrous or another breed of human? (An extraterrestrial, perhaps? )

I‘m right handed and absolutely incapable of doing anything with my left hand. I just have it for the looks.

11. Would you rather get free chocolate every time you get a paper cut or automatically get a free full-proof pass in making someone’s day whenever you read a not-so-great book?


Now I‘m allowed to make up my own questions! Brace yourselves!

  1. Would you rather drink wine with Lord Voldemort (aka Tom Riddle) in his Chamber of Secrets during the sexy ages, or paint mandalas with Professor Snape in a therapeutic session to cure passive-aggressive behaviour?
  2. Who is your bookish best friend?
  3. If you had a book quote tattoo which quote would you pick?
  4. Turn The Hobbit into a hardcore feminist version. What‘s the title? And what happens in the story?
  5. Who are your three dream dinner party guests?
  6. Do you think the seventh sentence on page 77 of the book you are currently reading describes your purpose of existence well?
  7. Imagine you just drank the love potion intended for someone else yourself, and now you‘re in love with your own face. Write yourself a love letter!
  8. Which is your favourite bookstore?
  9. What do you think (or rather, hope!) John Green‘s new book is about?
  10. What book was the cause for your last book hangover?
  11. Do you have a literary mug? If so, what does it say? And if not, what should it say?

An Award for the sexy noodles of the blogging sphere:

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At this point I’m just going to quote Faith because I was gonna say this anyway, and she already put this so nicely:
«If you feel sad because you don’t see yourself already tagged, just tell me if you want to do this and I’ll add you right onto this list! If you’re one of the “usuals” that we tag/you already have A TONNN on your shoulders, then please don’t feel obliged to answer these questions because SOMETIMES IT’S PRESSURING. And I get it. STRESS AND LAZINESS: I admire your ever-unrelenting persistence. (Maybe if I worked as hard as these guys, I’d actually BE SOMEWHERE. But then again, this is a super ironic statement.) So whatever it is you’re doing, here’s a smile, a hug, and some freshly baked internet cookies! Or better yet, ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICHES.»

Blogmas: Fourteen Festive Favourites

Christmas season has arrived! It’s finally advent and I’m officially allowed to spread the festive mood! This month I’m launching a new project called THE ADVENT CALENDAR — this means I will post something every day, so make sure you come back. Actually, I haven’t thought this through very thoroughly, so it’ll be just as much a surprise for me as it will be for you!
Since it’s the first day of December and we only have twenty-three more days to go until Christmas Eve, I decided to start this thing off by naming fourteen Festive Favourites. I got the idea from Tom Fletcher, although I slightly altered it.


Number One: Favourite Christmas Tradition
When I was little i used to love decoration the christmas tree, but this year I don’t think we’re even going to get one. I think I’ll have to go with baking. I make amazing christmas cookies!

Number Two: Favourite Christmas Carol
The Little Drummer Boy. The part ”…I played my drum for him… / And then he smiled at me…” makes me cry every time. Even now!

Number Three: Favourite Christmas Food
Cookies! I love that you only get certain cookies at this time of the year, and I basically live off them for weeks!

 Number Four: Favourite Christmas Movie
Three Gifts for Cinderella, the czech movie from 1973. It‘s incredible, I used to really want to be her. She gets all those lovely dresses just by cracking open some nuts – seriously, watch it!
Oh, actually there‘s another one – I really love Love, Actually. Especially the scene with Hugh Grant dancing through 10 Downing Street – I could rewatch this endlessly (and I do!).

Number Five: Favourite Christmas PresentDSC07042
I‘m quite a tough person to give presents to, because the only thing you can buy that makes me genuinly happy are books, and I own about three hundred! Actually, thinking about it, I think the greatest gift I ever got was my teddy bear. I was already ten or eleven when I got it, but even now I can‘t fall asleep without it. It‘s called Uschi and has been travelling everywhere with me. I even wrote a poem about it once!

Number Six: Favourite Christmas Story
By far it has to be The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. Santa Claus can‘t make it and Death takes the job. It‘s hilarious!

Number Seven: Favourite Day in Advent
December fourteenth because it‘s my birthday! I‘m like a child when it comes to birthdays and christmas! I love unwrapping presents and eating chocolate cake and getting a hundred notifications on Facebook…! And because my birthday is so close to Christmas it always feels as if all the lovely lights in the streets are just for me and everybody gets so stressed because they need to find me a good present, even people that I‘ve never spoken to! Christmas, for me, is just a late Birthday party!


Number Eight: Favourite Christmas Song
White is in the Winter Night by Enya. It‘s the song I associate with my dad making pancakes. FYI – he makes the best pancakes in the world!

Number Nine: Favourite Christmas Decoration
I have a thing for weird christmas ball ornaments. Like the rubber duck shaped one I got last year that no one wanted to put on the tree!

Number Ten: Favourite Christmas Accessory
I have a knitted skirt with reindeers embroidered on it that my mum hates. In December I wear it multiple times a week, because the rest of the year I can‘t. Seriously, this is part of the reason why I love christmas so much! Best money spent ever!

Number Eleven: Favourite Christmas Scent
I love the way everything smells when you enter a Christmas market. Fir needles and mold wine and roasted almonds and cinnamon and candle wax… that‘s the smell of Christmas for me!

Number Twelve: Favourite Place To Spend Christmas
I like being at home for christmas. I spent it in New Zealand once, but it‘s just not the same when you‘re walking around in jandals all day. Christmas has to be cold (I was going to say white, but who am I kidding!). Apart from that I don‘t care where I have Christmas precisely. My house or my grandmum‘s house or my dad‘s house – as long as my family is with me and I‘m well fed!

Number Thirteen: Favourite Christmas Quote

First we‘ll make
for two hours,
then we‘ll go
then we‘ll eat a
whole roll of
as fast as we can,
and then we‘ll snuggle.
(Buddy the Elf)

Number Fourteen: Favourite Doctor Who Christmas Special
The Christmas Invasion. I love Ten and Rose, and this episode is just so christmassy! Apart maybe from the fact that it snows ashes. But I always melt when he asks her to keep travelling with him. At that point everything outside of Aaaaaaww! is a strangely foreign concept for my brain!

So, there you go! Those are my fourteen favourite things about the Christmas season! It‘s not intended as a tag, but feel free to use those questions to spread the cheer! I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon, and I shall see you tomorrow!