My England Reading Lists

It‘s only a bit over a week to go until I visit the country of Harry Potter and Mr. Darcy and little Princess Charlotte, and I can‘t pressure enough how utterly excited I feel about having crumpets and clotted cream for breakfast every morning for almost a month!

My life mostly consists of lists – To-Do lists for the day, Never-Mind lists for the night, Errands-To-Run lists for the week, To-Write lists, To-Call lists, To-Feel-Happy-About lists, To-Read lists – therefore it won‘t come as a surprise to you that I‘m quite well prepared for my journey around the island. The thing is, though, that while I‘m well organised and hardly ever forget to pack something due to my grand lists, I take with me the most ridiculous things; last week I went hiking, and where others packed a second T-shirt or another pair of pants I stuffed a jar of Nutella and a huge pack of Marshmallows into my backpack. Had I checked the News I would have known that fires were prohibited in the entire canton of Grisons, thus making Marshmallows completely unnecessary because I don‘t even like them raw!

But what I can share with you is my book list. My book lists, really. I‘ve read a number of books before embarking on my journey, there is a selection I‘ll want to take with me and of course I‘ll be buying more once I get to a place where they have Waterstone‘s.

Bild 30

Bild 31

Bild 32

This is, of course, only a rough and rather random selection of literary pleasure. Any old Sherlock Holmes novel will do, and if anyone has more suggestions I‘m really quite open for that, too! And before you ask – yes, Harry Potter will absolutely be with me at all times!

I‘m wishing you all a wonderful rest of summer!
Lots of love from the roots of my heart!