The Blog Is Dead, Long Live The Blog

Dear followers and occasional readers of this blog,

yes, ’tis me, in – well, not the flesh per se, but in my full internet form, back after two years of not having posted anything At. All.

Anyone who enjoyed reading this blog (if you even remember anything, because let’s be real, it’s been two years), might be interested to know that, while I’m not picking up Down The Rocky Road again, I have started a new project called Antarctichokes. On there, I will discuss the things closest to my heart – books and bookshops, travel, Ernest Shackleton and other stubborn Polar Explorers that have captured my heart, hazelnut-flavoured Polish vodka, Harry Potter, musical theatre, and more books. It’s exciting and new, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

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A lot has changed for me in the last couple of years, and having recently moved to Krakow, Poland, for a semester abroad, I decided it was time to start something new.


I have loved running this blog, but I feel like I have genuinely outgrown it. It’ll remain online, of course, in case you ever need a recipe for Churros that includes palm-sized, 3rd-degree burns on your forearm. But other than that, this is good-bye, and, as I hope, hello on a new page!


Blogmas (Day 3) – My Christmas Playlist

I think I may just come close to having the world‘s most dreadful taste in music. I‘ll listen to anything just as long as it‘s cheery and easy to sing along. That applies to the Beatles as much as it does to Taylor Swift. And, woohooo! They both have published seasonal music!

So for today‘s post I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite Christmas Songs with you and I hope that when you listen to them you feel as cheery as I always do!

White is in the Winter Night – Enya

Jingle Bells – Michael Bublé

What If – Kate Winslet

Christmas must be Something More – Taylor Swift

Song for Ten – Murray Gold

Happy Xmas (War is Over) – John Lennon

The Fault in our Stars Song – Troye Sivan

All I Want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney

The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth – David Bowie & Bing Crosby

Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

One Toy Soldier – Enya

Last Christmas – Taylor Swift

The Spiritual – Jukebox The Ghost

Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

Oh Come All Ye Faithful – Wise Guys

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Jewel

And ultimately, my favouritest Christmas Soundtrack is the Song from my beforementioned favourite Christmas movie, Three Gifts for Cinderella. It‘s just beautiful and if you die without ever having heard that music, then your life has been wasted!

I can‘t wait to see what Anna‘s favourite Christmas songs are, but I‘m sure they are a lot classier than mine! It‘s definitely worth to pop by her blog tonight and have a look! (If you don‘t know who Anna is, she‘s my blogging partner in crime this holiday season, and you can find her on – her blog is absolutely wondrous!)

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

Blogmas (Day 1) – ‘cuz «Christmas Must Be Something More»

Hello Lovelies!

I just can’t believe it’s December already! It’s the best time of the year; everything’s sparkling and glittering and there’s snow, at least I  hope that there will be! I’m just on my way home from uni now and because they have the coolest warehouse in Fribourg I’ve already been shopping for some Christmas essentials. As you can probably tell, I am seriously excited about the Holiday Season. So to spread the festive cheer I will of course be doing Blogmas this year. Maybe the two people who actually read my blog will remember that I had a hard time keeping it up last year with work and uni and my Honduran host brother staying at my house, so this year there’ll be no Hondurans, and I got myself a partner in crime. Please meet the amazing Anna from Tiny Trinket who will be posting on her blog, so make sure you pay her a visit. She’s a lot more professional than me, so if you’re looking for more than just shaky iPhone uploads and pointless rambling she’s your kinda girl!

To the rambling part then! I love Christmas for all the wrong reasons. I love the snow and I forget about the cold. I love the lights and I forget about the shadows they cast. I cry because there are unhappy children in the world, and then I go and buy stuff from H&M. I worry about our plastic consumption, yet I spend money on lametta. I judge consumerism but I never judge myself. I‘m a complete and utter hypocrite, and I try my best getting my name on Santa‘s Nice list all year, but I keep realising that I‘m just a girl in a silly outfit. 

But yesterday it came to me why Christmas is still important and why I should ramble on for 24 days straight and why I should put up the hand knitted nativity set my mum gave me last year; we had dinner as a family in candle light last night, and I knew Christmas had come because I was with the best people in the whole world and my brother flicked me off which he hadn‘t done in ages, because we never see each other in our busy schedules, and we talked about all the nonsense we usually don‘t talk about because somebody‘s phone is always beeping or something has happened at work. It was just us, and it made me feel whole.

And that‘s Christmas. To have time, to lock out the cold and let in the light. To be safe in somebody‘s company and to make the simplest dinner last for hours.

Lots of Love from the Roots of my Heart!

Because my computer is not feeling so festive I can’t link any content. If you want to visit Anna on her blog (please do!), here’s her adress: