How To Make Churros (Step By Step)

Aren’t they a wonderful treat? Churros with hot chocolate sauce on a rainy sunday afternoon! I was first introduced to this deep fried delicacy by a Mexican I met in Nice a couple of years ago, and visiting Spain is always a bit like finding heaven on earth. So when Inga suggested I join her cooking class at Pamplona University on friday night, I was all game – after all, Churros were on the menu! It was an exciting event, to put it mildly, and I decided to share the experience of Churro-making on here, in way of a step-by-step tutorial.


You will need:
500 ml water
1 pinch of salt
250 g flour
2 rolls bandages
cooling cream
1 chocolate chip cookie
500 g dark chocolate
frozen churros

– 2 – Boil the water; add the salt and the flour.

– 3 – Now stir the mixture until it’s smooth; it won’t get smooth, but have someone yell at you in Spanish anyway. After all, nothing motivates like hearing «¡Más rápido! Más rápido!» on repeat!

– 4 – Pour the mixture into an icing bag. Press little sausage shaped dough into the preheated deep- fat fryer. Ask someone to cut them loose with a pair of scissors.

– 5 – Stand really close to the fryer until it explodes. Instantly cover your face with your bare arms. Note: if you do not have any bare skin showing, no one is going to believe that you lived through this first minor Churro assault!


– 6 – Rush to the sink and pour cold water over your burnt arms.

– 7 – Go back to the fryer to see what happened, then instantly relive that explosive moment from two minutes ago. Let it hit your eyebrows this time.


– 8 – Laugh hysterically at the situation because you’re in shock and can’t feel your arms.


– 9 – Let yourself be ushered out oft he kitchen into the nurse’s office. Have her put cream on your arms and wrap up your wounds and feed you a cookie and Ibuprofen.


– 10 – Let your friends defrost the ready-made churros from the supermarket and fry them. Let them also melt the chocolate.

– 11 – Eat more Churros than everybody else because you’re in pain and still a bit hysterical, and you scare people.


Side note #1: as exciting as all this is, maybe do go see a doctor. Or check your flat for medical supplies. Make Ibuprofen-cupcakes.

Side note #2: don’t follow this recipe.
ae3bcee8305036be2b54a93afaf4fa5dReally. Don’t.

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