Sexy Books: Billy And Me II

Two nights ago I finished Giovanna Fletcher’s Billy and Me. And, oh, did I ever cry. I’m sure I sobbed for about an hour at least! Basically the entire last third of the book I was in tears. And everytime I managed to calm down another sentence made me wail. It’s just such a beautiful book! I wouldn’t say it’s very high class literature, but it has so much heart to it. And yeah, I did not stop crying after turning the last page. Nope, the crying went on for another half hour. It left me feeling like everybody had to read this book in order to make the world a little brighter. It actually pains me to say it’s not high class literature, because I’m still not over it! It’s all about following your dreams and seizing the opportunities in life and being proud of yourself and putting the people that are in your way behind you, even if it’s the ones you love. Okay, so it’s not Tolstoj… but it touched me in a place Tolstoj probably couldn’t. And that’s what makes Billy and Me so, so valuable!

“I’ve come so far. I’ve done something for myself for the first time in my life. And I achieved this even though I felt lost and heartbroken. I did it.”

It’s the story of a young woman called Sophie working at a small tea shop in a small town leading a small life. Then one day she meets famous actor Billy and they fall in love. In order to make the relationship work, Sophie moves to London with him, and the quiet that she has always surrounded herself with is suddenly replaced by papparazzi, groupies and wild parties. She finds herself feeling more and more lonely and starts to realize that she has to face her own past and finally lead the life she’s always dreamed of.

I’d recommend this book to everyone who likes a bit of drama and cheesyness and who has their tissues ready on the nightstand. Let me know how you liked Billy and Me, whether you cried and how much you want to date Billy now! 🙂

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